Monday, February 23, 2009

PhoneFace for BlackBerry review

From BlackBerryInsight:

With Electric Pocket’s new release- PhoneFace, Blackberry users no longer have to scroll through their entire phone book just to call their spouse or boss. With the new PhoneFace, BlackBerry can now display a full-colour photo of all favourite contacts, enabling the user to quickly and easily make their call. With an easy and friendly interface, PhoneFace allows you to flick through all favourite contacts using the touch screen or the trackball and then proceed to either send an SMS, compose an email or make a call to the selected contact.

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Geek Fashion Show

From the CBS Early Show, ScotteVest's Quantum Jacket is featured:


Thursday, February 19, 2009

PhoneFace for BlackBerry review

From BlackBerryChick:

PhoneFace lets you assign a picture to anyone in your phone book and when you click on the picture you are given the option to contact them via any stored phone number, email, text message or pin message! It’s a whole new level of speed contacting. Not only does it save you the clicks and scrolls of having to go through your entire address book, but flicking through full color, full screen pictures (or smaller if you want of course) instead of just names really speeds up the process! You also have the option of seeing a little thumbnail of your contact when they message or call you.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SplashShopper reviewed on a Centro

From TreoCentral:

For many of us, a shopping list is something scribbled on a notepad or Post-it that’s crammed into a pocket and pulled out when visiting a store. Upon returning home, and sometimes the minute you’ve walked out of the store, that list gets crumpled and tossed away. Yeah, the idea of "reduce, reuse and recycle" doesn't come into play with this approach.

Along came Apple's App store, and with it a reminder that there are all kinds of ways you can accomplish things quickly and efficiently from your smartphone. Those of us carrying a Centro or Treo may suffer from iPhone envy due to the sheer volume of affordable apps that are available for that platform. Rather than waste energy on wistful ponderments, we ought to focus on some of the many apps that have been developed for the Palm OS platform over the years (remember... Palm came first!).

So with that in mind, and after having such an awesome experience with SplashData's SplashPhoto app, I thought I'd give SplashShopper (SRP $29.95) a try.

It is described as an app that "offers a powerful and easy way to manage everything from grocery shopping to holiday gift lists to keeping track of DVD rentals." First introduced seven years ago, in February 2002, this app lets you manage multiple shopping lists on a Palm OS handheld and desktop computer.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

txtForward review

From TechnoBrains:

Txtforward is an interesting concept developed by Electric Pocket. The program allows you to forward your SMS messages received to an email account or send an SMS to an email account. You might say what is the purpose of this and why not just use email to begin with?

Well, not everyone uses a smartphone which has email access. Most multifunctional phones have SMS messaging only to send someone a text based message. For this reason, you would typically receive a SMS message instead of an email on a smartphone or BlackBerry from someone that has SMS texting feature only. The other reason is an email and SMS uses different underlining infrastructure therefore sending a short SMS maybe cheaper than sending the same message via a carrier based email message. Depending on the service plan, you may have the ability to send a certain number of text messages for free per month.

The benefit of Txtforward is that the text message can be backed up for future reference when the information is important or applies to some future date plan. The other reason for using Txtforward is when you are in a situation where your phone is off but you are currently on your computer. Then you will still receive the message in a timely manner.

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HanDBase for iPhone review

From GearDiary:

The iPhone is a wonderful and game changing mobile platform. Unfortunately the sad reality is many of the programs available for .99 are worth exactly what you pay for them. Perfect case in point. I’m in the market for some time collection software for my consulting work. I’ve scoured the Internet looking at many different “web 2.0″ services. Quite a few of them have free iPhone clients. All of them are slickly designed. Sadly almost every one is missing some major feature that made it unusable for me. Here’s where HanDBase comes in. This relational database software is available for Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry and now iPhone/Touch.

HanDBase bills itself as the worlds largest collection of Palm and Pocket PC databases (over 2,000 all freely available to you for download and use). Happily these databases work with all the different versions of the software including: iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian S60.
The Palm and Pocket PC versons of HanDBase offer a forms design add-on ($14.99 additional) so you can create snappy looking data entry screens for your handheld.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

SplashID for iPhone review

From iPhoneApplicationList:

Now there are plenty of so-called secure database utilities. Applications that let you enter data and encrypt it from others. So far so good. But are you really going to sit there typing ALL your private information into your phone? I thought not. For an average user, with hundreds of private entries, the only practical solution is to enter the data in the first place over on your desktop PC or Mac, either by typing on your full sized keyboard, by pasting text in from other sources, or by direct import from another desktop database system. And here comes the crunch. You now need to sync this all over to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

This is the point where most secure utilities fall down - they exist only on the phone. Or only on the desktop. But SplashID scores heavily by existing on both, and with a foolproof 'sync over Wi-Fi' feature. Of course, you can still enter new entries or amend existing ones on the phone - all changes get synced seamlessly over to the desktop version on your next sync. Kicking off such a sync is as easy as tapping on its front screen icon. It's immediate too, as your desktop is scanned for, found via Wi-Fi and data from the Desktop version of SplashID used to sync with.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

The inPhonite Migration: Secure Data Management

From FlasshePoint:

So that’s where things sat for awhile until recently when I decided it was time to get serious about switching over to the iPhone. Secure data management was the last major application that I had not migrated. I read the reviews and recalled my earlier research, and finally decided to go with SplashID. Besides the import issue, I think what tipped things against eWallet is I really don’t like the user interface, where it shows you your data on a simulated credit card (or whatever). I’m sure there’s a way to turn that off, but it just kind of struck me as a bell/whistle that looked cool but was ultimately useless and in the way. Plus, it seemed geared more towards credit cards and such, rather than passwords and secure info in general.

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SplashMoney review

From Mobile Ministry Magazine:

SplashMoney is yet another component of SplashWallet from SplashData, and is aimed at being a mobile financial manager. And boy, does it deliver...

Just like its sister app SplashID, it comes in a dual package: a handheld utility and a syncable desktop companion. Both are full-fledged and combine to give the user the ability to manage financial matters on the go.To start, SplashMoney serves as a secure, password-protected repository of your sensitive data. Each account you have can be entered by type and account number. In this sense, it is the complete financial ledger; you can input financial transactions as they occur. Instead of carrying a check register, you can do it electronically on your smartphone, as this is a complete check Register.

Now, what really sets SplashMoney apart is its online capabilities. SplashMoney, on both the desktop and the handheld (with online access), has the ability to go online and retrieve complete banking information from some major banks.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

SplashID for iPhone review

From AppleiPhoneApps:

If you are looking for a password manager for your iPhone, I’d definitely recommend SplashID. It’s got better encryption than competitors, and the interface and sync capabilities just plain work. Instead of storing your information in text files or on post-it notes, put it into this vault of an app. Personally, I think I’m going to stick with it for storing CD keys for games and the like. Whether I become comfortable enough to put my debit card’s PIN in there? We’ll see.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

File Magic for iPhone review


So guess who is walking around with a thumb drive in their pocket? If you said me, then yes you’re right. Did you really think that someone wouldn’t have figured out how to store files besides movies and music on that iPhone or iPod Touch of yours? I didn’t think so. Now before you guys jump all over me, I know there are other apps that do this, but none of the ones I’ve seen can match the simplicity of File Magic. From the same guys that brought you Splash Money, Wallet and ID, SplashData has now given us File Magic. This awesome bit of software is a file transfer utility that allows you to add any type of file on your iPhone or iPod Touch so you can access it where you have a WiFi connection. The only thing you need is the App and the Desktop transfer utility software (Mac or PC) This has helped me quite a few times while trying to take some stuff from work home.

File Magic is able to handle tons of file versions, and a few are even accessible on the phone while in transit. You do need to be on the same network as the computer hosting the files, but transfer couldn’t be easier.

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SplashID review

From PalmAddicts:

In this day and age of countless login names, passwords, email addresses, PINs and ID numbers, how anyone can survive without some sort of password manager is a mystery to me. In fact, until a year or so ago, I did squeak by without one. Probably because I wasn't very clever. I know I certainly forgot my fair share of login names and passwords. And I'm definitely guilty of committing the ultimate sin of using the same password/username for multiple services, in an effort to remember my info.

I finally tried out one of the countless password keepers available for PalmOS, and I was much happier (and more secure) because of it.At the time, my choice was motivated primarily by a desire for a free solution. Therefore: YAPS. YAPS is an encrypted database for storing login data on a PalmOS device. And that's it. It gets the job done and not one bit more than that. And occasionally, it would reset my device.But Pre is coming, and with it webOS, and probably no support for old freeware apps like YAPS. It's time to consider my options for smoothing my transition from PalmOS to webOS, and one developer that'll definitely have my back is Splashdata. At CES, Palm showed a short list of special developers already on board for the webOS, and Splashdata was there. I'm certainly hoping that we'll see titles released by those developers at the time the Pre launches. (Speculation warning: Splashdata has not, to my knowledge, acknowledged that they are actively developing any webOS applications.)

Splashdata develops probably the best known password manager on the market, SplashID. It's already available for PalmOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, Mac, and iPhone. And with the hint of webOS development soon to come, jumping into SplashID certainly seems forward thinking. But how does it stand up as a product? Suffice to say, this product is how a password manager should be done.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Ringo review

From PalmAddicts:

I added Ringo to my Palm Treo 755p and have been using it for the last few weeks --- it’s an absolute joy to use. Ringo is really easy to set up, and doesn’t require any maintenance after that… of course you may find it fun to change your ring tones.

The first thing I did with Ringo is set up different ringtones to let me know by the ring if it's my husband or kids calling. Then I set up my kids so their photos show when they call.

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