Monday, January 31, 2011

iPad for Business

From Connected Business (UK):

Goodreader for iPad supports the viewing of many document formats including PDF and Microsoft Office files, permits direct Wi-Fi transfer of data directly to the iPad, and can connect to a variety of cloud-based storage services.

GoodReader will be the best 59p you’ve ever invested in your iPad. With this seemingly magical application, you can view PDF and a myriad of other data formats including Microsoft Office, HTML, image files as well as audio and video formats. Additionally, you can connect to several popular cloud-based storage services including DropBox (which has its own viewer app but is inferior to GoodReader) WebDAV servers and directly access files stored on Google Docs and within GMail itself.

As if this wasn’t impressive enough, you can also directly transfer files to GoodReader wirelessly using a simple Web-based GUI from your PC or Mac, or via WebDAV-based drag and drop network share.

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Review of GoodReader for iPad - 5 star "ESSENTIAL" rating


Ultimately, GoodReader is one of those apps that makes the iPad better. It’s a solid, reliable productivity app that will certainly enhance the user experience of anyone who wants to make the iPad part of their workflow.

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Review: Ringo for BlackBerry and Android

From GizmoFusion:

For every one that wants a one stop approach to Ringtone management this is the app for you. Ringo has everything you could need in one simple easy to use app. From MP3 ringtones to led flash color this app has it all.

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Review: HanDBase for Android

From GearDiary:

HanDBase is one of those mobile app titles that anyone who has been around mobile devices for a while will surely recognize. HanDBase, by DDH Software, was introduced for Palm OS initially, eventually migrating to Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iOS, and now Android. While I don’t use database programs extensively, I have used one program or another for a long while to track media collections or other forms of inventories.

If you’re new to HanDBase, it is a relational database program with cross-platform availability, including Mac and PC desktop versions with a sync conduit. The desktop software has the ability to import either comma separated or tab delimited files, which are then stored as pdb files (yes, the old Palm database format). Because a lot of folks who may be collecting information for databases may want to enter that information in a sequence of format that is easier to use than staring at a straight database sheet, HanDBase also includes a forms designer that allows the user to create customized data entry forms.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

WritePad For iPad Now Features A Palm Rest Option – No More Hovering

From AppAdvice:

WritePad for iPad is all about handwriting recognition and can be especially useful when utilizing a stylus, which is why its new palm rest option is so important.  Instead of having to constantly hover above your iPad to take notes, the app now allows you to comfortably rest your hand right on the screen without resulting in any accidental inputs.  The option works for either left or right hand users, as long as your hand is resting below what you are writing.

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Protect Passwords, Save Sensitive Information with SplashID

From The iPhone App Review:

Though there are numerous applications that offer such similar safety services, SplashID seems to go above and beyond by emphasizing their security and versatility, as one can sync this application with any Mac or Windows computer out there. Yes, this means you must memorize a new password. But just think – this shall be the only one you ever need to remember now, for it shall unleash the rest of your important information upon input. And with the ability to sync your data with your computer, you (hopefully) won’t have to fear losing all your most crucial data to technology failure, though you will have to lose a few dollars in the process.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A review of Ringo for Android

From PalmAddicts:

The first thing that I noticed with Ringo compared to other apps like it was the speed and performance. Other applications I've used take a good few minutes to load the large selection of ringtones I have on my mobile - Ringo didn't. Another thing that really stood out was how easy the interface is! The buttons are large and readable, making it easy to navigate. It's really all self explanatory - you're able to quickly silence your mobile, put it into the 'vibration' mode or put it on loud, which I found really neat. 

Ringo really lets you go to town on your mobile and customise it to exactly how you want it to notify you, something that Android slightly lacks - you can enable popups when you get SMS's, change the rate of the LED blinking and even turn on 'Escalating Ring', which gradually increases the volume of the ringtone, something that I miss from back in the day when I had a little Nokia 3310.

Another thing I found pretty awesome was the idea of changing the way your phone notifies dependent on the contact who's calling/sms'ing you.

Ringo is a breath of fresh air in terms of customising your SmartPhone - It's so easy to use, honestly anybody could get the hang of it within seconds! 

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Make ringtones from your BlackBerry music with Ringtone Remix

From BBGeeks:

There are two things I like about this app. First, it lets me create ringtones right from the BlackBerry, which is often where I want to do it. I’m not normally thinking about my BlackBerry ringtone while I’m at my computer. But I am thinking about it while sitting on a train, or waiting on line. Second, I like the ability to create odd ringtones. I imagine this app will induce many people to create ringtones from popular parts of popular songs. But you don’t have to. You can dive into a song and get a cool-sounding lick, or a particularly insightful line of verse, and create a ringtone out of it.

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