Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Video Review: Coverjam Pro for iOS

From RunAroundTech:

Simply listening to your music is so “old-school.” Step into the future with Coverjam.

This iOS app creates of photographic slide show for each song you listen to and displays the pictures as you listen. Once you load the app onto your iOS device of choice you can opt to start playing music directly from within the app or from the built in iPod instead.

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Go Beyond Basic Album Artwork With Coverjam

From AppAdvice:

Music album artwork can be pretty cool sometimes, but looking at the same album cover over and over thousands of times tends to get tiresome. Electric Pocket has just the cure, a new iOS app that displays recent live performance, backstage, rare, user created tribute images and more to your favorite music artists.

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Coverjam Pro brings artists' pictures to their music on iOS

From Macworld:

Ever wish you could see photos of your favorite bands and musicians while listening to their music? Electric Pocket Limited has launched Coverjam Pro, an app to do just that.

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Coverjam Gives Each iOS Song Its Own Little Slideshow

From GottaBeMobile:

Coverjam is one of those iOS apps that, once you hear about it, you’re surprised that nobody had thought of it before. The new app by Electric Pocket uses the combined powers of Instagram and Flickr to provide each audio track with its own unique slideshow.

The idea behind Coverjam is one of those that’s both simple and creative enough that it just might find a following with iOS users. It’s a fun new way to experience your music. How often do you come across something that can do that?

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Coverjam for iOS creates Instagram and Flickr-powered slideshows of your favorite bands

From The Next Web:

Earlier this week, we wrote about British band the Vaccines using Instagram to crowdsource the creation of its new music video. Today, we bring you Coverjam, a new iOS app that automatically taps into tagged images on Instagram and Flickr to create slideshows which run in tandem when an artist’s music is playing on your portable device.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Take Notes the Easy and Fun Way With iPhone/iPad App BugMe

From iPhone Glance:

BugMe is a great replacement to the boring built in on the iPhone or iPad. I’m a person who constantly forget things that need to be done, having BugMe literally bug me about a note that is important is absolutely great.

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