Monday, February 16, 2009

txtForward review

From TechnoBrains:

Txtforward is an interesting concept developed by Electric Pocket. The program allows you to forward your SMS messages received to an email account or send an SMS to an email account. You might say what is the purpose of this and why not just use email to begin with?

Well, not everyone uses a smartphone which has email access. Most multifunctional phones have SMS messaging only to send someone a text based message. For this reason, you would typically receive a SMS message instead of an email on a smartphone or BlackBerry from someone that has SMS texting feature only. The other reason is an email and SMS uses different underlining infrastructure therefore sending a short SMS maybe cheaper than sending the same message via a carrier based email message. Depending on the service plan, you may have the ability to send a certain number of text messages for free per month.

The benefit of Txtforward is that the text message can be backed up for future reference when the information is important or applies to some future date plan. The other reason for using Txtforward is when you are in a situation where your phone is off but you are currently on your computer. Then you will still receive the message in a timely manner.

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