Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review of Nag One-Tap Alarm for iPhone

From Cool iPhone Apps:

How many times have you been working on the computer, reading or even snoozing and your child or significant other calls for you to take care of an urgent matter. Okay, let's not even examine the meaning of "urgent" here! Nonetheless, you just can't drop what you are doing and hoof it over there-you really need a few extra minutes to finish what your own task. In that case, you would definitely be wise to use a reliable, super quick alarm system to warn you when your allotted minutes are up. That's exactly what Nag-One Tap Alarm does for you! In fact, just one single tap of your Nag sets off an alarm that will in no uncertain terms tell you that your brief respite is up, and it's time to get moving! It makes no difference if your device is using another app at the time because Nag is always working to nag you in the background!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SplashShopper Review for iPhone

From CravingTech:

If you are a list freak and want to have a complete list management application, you might want to have a look at SplashShopper for iPhone. The app is pre-loaded with  default lists of all possible list items out there, such as groceries, books, music, office supplies, and even movies. Even though the application is named “SplashShopper”, you can practically use it not just for your shopping lists, but also for any list related needs.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

BookLover - great app for bibliophiles

From Cool iPhone Apps: can avoid all that old-fashioned manual typing if you just use the automatic barcode scanner denoted by a down arrow at the bottom right of your opening screen! Wow..this method is so quick and accurate, brings up the exact book you hold in your hands and places it neatly on your wood bookshelf, after you have saved it! I'm impressed with BookLover because not only is that a neat trick, but it has saved me a bunch of time in manual input.

I am awarding it the Truly Cool Seal of Approval because the app is comprehensive, well crafted, attractive and easy to navigate. Bibliophiles, do not go without this handy app to sort out all the books you have read, are reading or plan to enjoy at a later date. BookLover is a top-notch database, iPhone Books app.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Review of SplashID by SplashData

From GizmoFusion:

SplasId is available for all major phones including BlackBerry, Android,  iPhone/iPad, Web OS, Palm OS and Nokia 60 Series. SplashId is a easy to use password storage program that  can keep all of your passwords stored in one place on your phone. SplashID is the perfect program for people who visit multiple websites and have multiple passwords. With SplashID you can keep all of that information in easy reach and available whenever you need it.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

HanDBase for BlackBerry

From Berryfication:

HanDBase by DDH Software is one of the best pocket database applications on the market today. It’s been on Palms for some time and now it’s even on your BlackBerry Smartphone! It’s such an awesome power to be able and create my own custom database records for inventory, sorting, and keeping tabs on my favorite collectibles, hobbies and more!
Yes HanDBase is even able to sync from one device to another. Such as your Bold 9700 to Windows Vista and back to your 9700 again. This application is one that I’ve used since the days of Palm. And really this type of app is what lead & submerged me into the mobile phone industry today.
Most people who require this type of product tracking will welcome DDH Software with inviting arms.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tapped-In: 3 Mind Mapping Apps

Fox News picks Electric Pocket's BugMe! app as their favorite for getting things done!

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SplashShopper by SplashData

From Gizmo Fusion:

Disorganized? Always forget to pick up  something when you run to the store? Then SplashShopper   is just what you need. With SplashShopper by SplashData you can create and manage virtually any list you could ever need. 
SplashShopper is a must have app for everyone that has a BlackBerry Phone. With easy to use controls, you can set up a list for virtually anything. One of the great features of SplashShopper is the fact that you can sync all your lists to your Windows laptop or desktop with the included software.

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App Review: BugMe! Pro for Android and BlackBerry

From Gizmo Fusion:

BugMe! Pro is a great quick and easy note-taker and reminder for your BlackBerry and Android smartphone.  You can jot notes, ideas and errands as you go and easily set any note as a reminder.  BugMe! will sound an alarm and pop upan alert when its due.
Taking notes is quick, easy and flexible. BugMe!’s note taker recognizes web addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, so its easy to reach out from your notes to websites or make contact with people from the note.
For simple task management, you can flag your notes as urgent, or mark them off as done when they’re complete. BugMe!’s search tool lets you find notes with certain keywords or tags, and makes organizing and finding information simple.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Is the iOS SDK Killing Creativity?

From MacLife:

Multiple members of the Talon client family were featured in this article...

Haupert’s company is releasing an Android app, but will continue to develop for Apple. “While I disagree with some of the core philosophies, it's still an incredible platform and a good market opportunity,” he says. “Often, when people complain about the limitations, other people will respond with a 'then don't develop for it,' or 'buy an Android phone if you don't like it.' What I think is being missed is that this incredible platform--and devices--are a leap in technology and possibilities for us; that even with the limitations, [it's] still a platform of choice for many. But that doesn't mean that we don't see the lost potential to go from a great phone platform to a near-perfect one.”

“If you plan to sell your app to millions, you must be super cautious about what you do. Apple's SDK Agreement is reasonable. I don't see anything in there that really limits us doing what we want do,” Selukoff remarked in an email.

Selukoff added that he “can't imagine Apple pulling a normal legitimate app that doesn't do anything wrong” from the App Store and said that Apple behaved beautifully when dealing with his own company’s violation of the TOS.

Justin Cepelak, VP of SplashData, echoed Selukoff’s comments, saying that while Apple “definitely has some UI recommendations that are not always ideal, [they have] softened on some of those points over time. For the most part, the restrictions are trying to keep out annoying things like software that breaks when you upgrade your OS.” 

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Review of SplashShopper for BlackBerry

From Berryfication:

I’m a big list, tasks, and organization guru. I can organize things all day and just be satisfied with the process. It’s sort of an obsession. But it fills a wonderful need within. SplashShopper for BlackBerry has catered to my glorious addiction. There’s a slight learning curve, although anyone familiar with their products will be right at home again. They suggest using for such things as grocery lists, Films to buy, rent or collect, books to read, apps to get and much more!

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SplashMoney for BlackBerry Review

From Steve Laser's blog:

I find that allocating a specific amount to each category really helps me stay focused on how I’m spending my money, and more importantly how I’m saving my money. And as with all the other features of SplashMoney, budgeting is very simple to set up. You choose a particular category from the Budget tab, then a dialog box pops up and asks you to enter an amount. Easy.

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App Review: PhoneFace by Electric Pocket

From NerdBerry:

Tired of the same old native Blackberry Address book? Electric Pocket developers of PhoneFace had you in mind with the release of this app. The initial setup is fairly simple. With a touch of a button, every contact you have stored in your berry is synced with PhoneFace. The app gives the user some very useful choices including sorting, pictures, alerts and you can even send an email directly from your contact’s picture.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

BugMe! Ink Notes & Alarms for iPad App Review

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SplashID Key Safe Review

From The Gadgeteer:

As in earlier versions, there is a password generator built in, and a web auto-fill option. Very handy! Your data is protected both by strong encryption and by the fact that it is on a removable USB drive that you can take with you, use on multiple machines, etc.

Key safe is portable, handy, secure, durable, and decently priced at $29.95.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

SplashID – iPad Password Manager Review

From iPadmodo:

SplashID – iPad Password Manager is highly recommended to anyone looking to store sensitive information on their iPad. The app, not only offers its owners a simple way to store their important data but also provides them the best security that only SplashID can provide.

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iPad at Work: The Essential Guide for Business Users

From ZDNet:

GoodReader will be the best $1 you’ve ever invested in your iPad. With this seemingly magical application, you can view PDF and a myriad of other data formats including Microsoft Office, HTML, image files as well as audio and video formats. Additionally, you can connect to several popular cloud-based storage services including DropBox (which has its own viewer app but is inferior to GoodReader) WebDAV servers and directly access files stored on Google Docs and within GMail itself.

As if this wasn’t impressive enough, you can also directly transfer files to GoodReader wirelessly using a simple Web-based GUI from your PC or Mac, or via WebDAV-based drag and drop network share.

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txtForward by ElectricPocket

From GizmoFusion:

I work 3 jobs. My regular 9-to-5 is at a big financial corporation and I run an indy record label and a candle company on the side. My 9-to-5 job does not always allow me to check my phone every three seconds. So the idea of being able to see my messages come through in my e-mail during the day was perfect. A heads up that someone is trying to get a hold of me. Awesome idea.

All in all, I’d say this app is a great find. It’s easy to use and is super convenient to have if you live a busy lifestyle.

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SplashShopper Complex Shopping Lists for iPad [Review]

From Cult of Mac:

SplashShopper is an app that allows you to make shopping lists of all kinds on your iOS device or Mac (and Windows to if you are so inclined). The lists can be managed and synced across platforms with the Mac OS X or Windows companion software. If you are Santa Klaus or someone who cannot live without lengthy complex shopping lists in your life you’ll find SplashShopper to be very useful.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

iPhone Security Apps: Top Options

From Datamation and eSecurityPlanet:

Among the wide range of options available, SplashData’s SplashID ($9.95) password manager offers a particularly comprehensive solution, including the ability to sync with the company’s desktop software ($19.95). Key features include AES and Blowfish encryption, a random password generator, and a browser plug-in for quick sign-in on your desktop.

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