Monday, August 18, 2008

MacWorld Review: Secret keeper apps for the iPhone

As just about everyone who has ever used one will tell you, the iPhone is truly an amazing device. With its do-everything abilities -- especially now with third-party software -- it's the kind of device you're likely to carry everywhere. These apps make sure your secret data stays that way. (And SplashData's SplashID gets top billing among them!)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Look Who's Stalking (FindMe location sharing on Facebook)

FindMe uses cell tower location rather than GPS to post your current location on your Facebook profile. Available since March for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices, FindMe enables users, their friends, family and colleagues to share their current locations automatically through their smartphones.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Mark Up Your Office 2007 Documents... On-Screen

Have you ever wished you could just write something on your computer screen without having to deal with a mouse or keyboard? Sometimes there's just nothing like a pen for taking notes, filling in forms, drawing, or making edits to a document. With more of us thinking twice before wasting printer paper, being able to write directly on a digital file is very handy for marking up and collaborating. (I see the little green "Please consider the environment before printing this email" signature a lot more often than a year ago, when mostly people like my friend at the solar energy company were using it...)

Phatware's PenOffice 3.0 software lets you do this with advanced handwriting recognition and the ability to add handwritten notes and drawings to MS Office documents.
This new release (beta until Fall 2008) is compatible with Windows Vista and Office 2007, and works with any pointing input device such as tablet PC, touch screen monitor, online digital pen, interactive white board, and even a regular mouse.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

PhatNotes review

When you think about it, PhatNotes is not just a note taking option though it does a great job of it. It’s just as great, if not better, at organizing and helping you find them later. If you’re one of those who never liked having too many notes because of the problem of finding them later on (and I know how this feels because it was one of the reasons I stopped using Notes too), then PhatNotes is something you definitely you want to look into. No matter how many hundreds or thousands of notes you may have, as long as you categorize and color-code them properly, you encounter very little trouble finding the note you seek.

So if you’re interested about taking notes with your Pocket PC, PhatNotes by PhatWare is one best software you should put on your shopping list.

Full review at MyTodayScreen.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Review: SplashID for iPhone

The iPhone version of SplashID bears stark resemblance to versions for other handheld devices. It offers deep customization through support of unlimited record types. You can design and create your own record types with full control over the record fields and their content. You can also use the application to store user names, passwords, banking information (i.e. accounts, credit cards, etc.), software licenses and registrations, insurance, medical information, etc. Sample records are included.

Security features include random-generated passwords and 256-bit Blowfish encryption for the SplashID database. Data stored in some of the records can be tapped to activate other functions: URLs offer quick access to web logins, for instance. If you have the Desktop version of the application and use the feature there, SplashID mobile will auto-fill in the website logins for you.

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SplashShopper for iPhone shops smarter, not harder

For years I wandered through stores, looking like a member of a landing party in Star Trek with Tricorder in hand, although I was hardly going boldly where no man one had gone before.

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Review: SplashShopper for iPhone

SplashShopper is like no other app I’ve come across. And I must say, when I learned that I was going to review it, I wasn’t so hot on the idea. But once I got my copy, played with it, and added some lists, I must say, I am thoroughly impressed.

The plethora of options is complemented by a sleek, easy to use interface, making it one of my favorite productivity applications. There are little or no features left wanting by this great app.
I didn’t think I needed to be more organized, but now, I can’t imagine life without my little SplashShopper.

Full review.

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Top 10 iPhone Apps to Make You Rich

Sure, the iPhone’s more expensive than most mobiles, but do you know any others that can actually make you money too? Nah, we didn’t think so.

Install these awesome apps, and you’ll soon have the iPhone cranking out cash.
Whether it’s actually generating the folding stuff, or saving cash you’d otherwise fritter away, Apple’s mobile can line your pockets like no other. What are you waiting for? Come and get rich iPhone-style!

Get in touch with your bank and watch the pennies roll in with this mini money manager. Create budgets for yourself, print them out and you’ll have no excuses for budging from your allowed expenditure. You can even sync SplashMoney with a desktop version to keep all your accounts within easy reach.

Full article is here.

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

PhatNotes 5.3 review

Our friends over at PhatWare recently contacted us to try out the latest release of PhatNotes, version 5.3. I jumped on this opportunity as it has been a long time since I reviewed one of their products. PhatNotes is an alternative to the built in notes application in Windows Mobile. In fact, not only is it an alternative option, it has advanced features not present in ‘Notes” in Windows Mobile. Best of all, you can customize it, and it is very simple and easy to use. You also get a desktop component that syncs with the PhatNotes on the device.

Read the full review here.

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CNET's video review of SplashID

If your inclination is to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a mobile wallet or pocketbook, you'll want to lock away that data. You'll also likely want it more organized than you could do on your own with a note pad. SplashID for iPhone is a premium application that encrypts and password-protects the credit card, frequent flyer, and bank account information you've entered into templates. A password generator within the application lends strength to your defense.

The iPhone development environment that Apple provided keeps the application looking crisp, organized, and attractive. If a desired category is missing, you can simply search the library or add a new one.

See Jessica Dolcourt's video review here.

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WhatsoniPhone's interview with SplashData's Morgan Slain

SplashData is one of the leading providers of productivity software for the handheld device market. Founded in 2000, their applications can be found on a vast array of devices ranging from Palm/Treo and Windows Mobile to BlackBerry and Symbian – as well as desktop versions for both the Windows and Mac platforms.

The announcement that three of their best known applications (SplashID, SplashShopper and SplashWallet) would be available for the iPhone was well received by many who have become accustomed to using them on other smartphone platforms.

...we had the opportunity to interview SplashID’s CEO, Morgan Slain, via email. We were especially pleased to learn that these three initial releases are just a sampling of what’s to come.

Full interview here.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Review: FindMe Application for BlackBerry & Facebook

Calling all Facebook fanatics! Yes you, the one with thousands of friends and yet you can’t even remember the names of half of them. And yes even you, the wallflower who’s waiting to be noticed. You all know about the umptee –million things you can do on Facebook when you’re bored with looking at embarrassing pictures or writings on a wall. Here’s another one to throw at you and your BlackBerry. Let me introduce you to FindMe.

FindMe is available for both BlackBerry and (yawn) Windows Mobile devices. FindMe adds another level to your Facebook experience, informing people of you and your BlackBerry’s general area. You know you’re that special, so why not let your gang know where they can join you?

Read this review on CrackBerry.

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Bangkok Post review of Ringo

The Bangkok Post newspaper in Thailand published a review of Electric Pocket's Ringo. Here are some excerpts:

"From my experience of using one and reviewing many, I know that Windows Mobile devices have their own strengths. Unfortunately, ring tone customisation isn't one of them.
On a vanilla WM unit, you can set only one personal ring tone for all incoming calls. And before you can do so, you need to add your favourite music files to the ring tone list in the phone settings. Why Windows Mobile asks you to go so far to accomplish so little is beyond me."

"Luckily, if you want to really customise ring tones and SMS tones on your WM device for caller ID purpose or simply just for fun - and who wouldn't - there are many utilities to choose from. Electric Pocket's Ringo is one of them. Here is a small utility that only does what it's supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less. But it does its job very well.

With clean and simple interface, ring tones and SMS tones can be quickly and easily assigned to each person, each group, or all incomings. Unlike Windows Mobile, Ringo lets you select any sound file from any directory - both on device and memory card, with ease. It also supports multiple file types (MP3, WAV and WMA), even for SMS tones.

In addition to ring tone management, Ringo is also capable of dealing with unidentified and unknown call groups. This ability, as well as its capability to silent selected incoming calls, makes it suitable for caller ID screening as well.

So if you want to customise your ring tones and SMS tones, give Ringo a try. It's a breeze to use."

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FindMe on Facebook and S60 Devices

Facebook regulars might like to note a new version of the FindMe application, now available and in beta for S60. You can find instructions on grabbing it here on FindMe's Facebook page. It seems as though it uses a similar white-list location system to Nokia Chat, although it uses cell location rather than GPS.

Read about it on AllAboutSymbian and SymbianOne.

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Contest: Put a little ZAP in your pocket with Electric Pocket

What?! Today is Tuesday? Where did Monday go? Well so much for Monday…I guess I need a bit of a jump start this week as in my mind I’m a day behind. This week, courtesy of Electric Pocket, we are offering up some snazzy prizes for you to JAMM with - Ringo, the premier ringtone accessory, LobsterTunes for streaming audio while your cruisin’, BugMe! which will…ehh…BugMe to start contests ontime as well as other great notes, and FindMe which will automatically tag where you are for FaceBook

Contest details.

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