Friday, February 26, 2010

Mailtones, custom ringtones for each contact in the phonebook on your BlackBerry

From BlackBerryItalia:

(translated from Italian): MailTones of Electric Pocket is an application designed for people who receive many emails and allows us to customize the alarm that tells us that a new message on the RIM BlackBerry handheld for each of our contact, group or object in order to understand immediately who and what we are writing.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

File Magic for iPhone "really is magic!"

From The Gadget Pastor:

File Magic makes transferring files a cinch. You can finally eliminate that extra gadget, USB drive, or having to remember your login information to upload your file to the cloud. With File Magic moving your files to your iPhone really is magic!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MailTones for iPhone – get custom email notifications

From Blogiversity:

MailTones also allows you to assign a tone to a specific contact. You can also assign a tone to a specific subject line or domain. Lets say you only get urgent and important emails from a specific address or contact. You could assign a loud and long mail notification to that contact that way when the important message comes to your inbox you won't miss it.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Top 6 iPhone apps moms will love


SplashData's SplashShopper: Customize unlimited shopping lists with your own categories, track prices, and calculate your spending in real time. Be sure to check out the pre-populated lists of common wines, gifts, and movies. Sync with your desktop for more functionality, including printing lists.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

GoodReader Featured in PowerPage Podcast

GoodReader was featured in PowerPage podcast episode 124.

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GoodReader: Giving the iPhone leverage in the battle for Corporate Dominance.

From AppVersity:

There are a lot of apps available that turn your iPhone into a thumb drive, an FTP server, or a document viewer. Most do not leverage the iPhone’s capabilities as well and efficiently as GoodReader can.

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Review of HanDBase for iPhone

From The Gadget Pastor:

For what it is worth, the folks who develop HanDBase have an excellent product. You will not find a better data managing app for the iPhone. I’d highly recommend

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flight Tracker for iPhone

From CooliPhoneApps:

The comforting factor of this app is that Flight Tracker uses the same database that most airlines utilize. This ensures that information will be accurate and current. More importantly, the information provided is for cities worldwide and covers every major airport. Members of my family are constantly flying here and there. I think this app would suit us all immensely to check that flights are on time and not delayed by adverse weather, especially if I am picking them up from the airport!

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Blinding Lights and Deafening Sound – MailTones on your BlackBerry

From CrackBerry:

Beep beep! Ding dong, ding dong! Bzzzzzz Bzzzzzz! It’s amazing how we respond to these sounds if they came from our BlackBerrys. Not unlike Pavlov’s dogs, we do our own salivating; in this case, it’s not for food, but for messages, calls and such. Our ears are trained to notice the familiar notification tones we have set up...

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Take control of your ringtones with Ringo Pro

From HTCSource:

If you’re looking for a way to take complete control over your Android phone’s ringtones, look no further! Ringo Pro now allows you to personalize call and sms alerts on your handset so that you’ll never have to look at your phone again to know who a message or call is coming from. Think of Ringo Pro as the ultimate utility to merge your contacts with your music/audio library to capture their character or how you feel about them.

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SplashID keeps your secure information secure

From HTCSource:

The SplashID application is available for the Android OS, but you can also find it for Windows Mobile, Palm, BlackBerry, Series 60, and the iPhone. They even have desktop applications for Windows and Mac. The premise of SplashID is to organize all your secure information in a secure manner.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PhatNotes for iPhone review

From iPhoneShine:

Phatnotes is a very resourceful app. Version 1.4 brings with it more colors, more unique icons and many other features. You can now easily make notes through the handwriting recognizer, which is quite fun to play with.

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Review: SplashMoney for iPhone


SplahMoney incorporates cool features like synchronization with the PC and the ability to operate online banking (only in the U.S.). Moreover, the range of settings and customization is wide. The simplicity of management and administration is a plus.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Keeping passwords, logons and key information securely with SplashID iPhone

From The Productive Organizer:

...if you are looking for a good password manager solution, you want one that you know is going to be around for a long time, one that should you switch to another platform, be it web, another phone OS or desktop OS you are able to bring your data to that platform.

SplashID have its tentacles across many platforms:

1. Palm OS
2. Windows Mobile
3. Android
4. iPhone
5. Symbian S60
6. Blackberry
7. Windows
8. OS X

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File Magic Review

From iPhoneShine:

You can install word, excel, PowerPoint, adobe acrobat and other such files easily into the filemagic. There are plethora of options with respect to image or music transfer.

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Review: Electric Pocket's "Flipside" MP3 player for BlackBerry

From PalmAddicts:

Flipside seamlessly and greatly enhances the built-in BlackBerry music player by placing additional functionality and much-needed eye-candy.

Flipside takes the MP3s installed on your device or SD card and pulls their album/CD covers and presents them in glorious full color for a more visually appealing interface as you scroll through your various playlists, artists and songs. Creating and editing playlists on the fly is much easier and intuitive than the native music player.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

PhatNotes iPhone App - Now On iPhone, Pretty Freakin' Cool!

From CrazyMikesApps:

The iPhone app allows you to store thousands of notes, organize them in folders and you can search for them based on several criteria. Some cool functionality is the ability to input with your finger through writing (super cool) and where you get the term “PhatNote.” There is also the ability to email directly from a note, using a contact from your contact book as opposed to having to research an email address. This is especially handy while on the go and in need of getting a note to someone ASAP. The big add by purchasing the desktop software is the ability to sync your iPhone PhatNotes with your PC PhatNotes.

Also from

The Phatnotes is a very resourceful app. The version 1.4 brings with it more colors, more unique icons and many other features. You can now easily make notes through the handwriting recognizer, which is quite fun to play with.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review of GoodReader for iPhone

From GadgetPastor:

GoodReader is the best iPhone app for reading PDFs, MS Office files, iWork files, text, audio, and video files. I have found it to be robust and fast even on my 1st generation iPhone.

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Review: SplashID for Android

From GearDiary:

SplashID, which is also available for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm, Series 60, and BlackBerry, is SplashData’s first Android application. The Android version shares a lot with the other platforms, so anyone already familiar with SplashID from using it on another device will find it comfortable to use. The basic SplashID features, functions, and encryption process remains a constant among the platforms, so we’ll focus on the specifics of the Android version, which lie largely in the menus and appearance of the program.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Video Review of PhatNotes

From Daily App Show:

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HanDBase Gets Updated for iPhone

From PC Magazine:

HanDBase 4.5 includes a revamped interface with a "carbon fiber theme," a new file-cabinet screen featuring collapsing folders, pop-up bubbles for selecting views, and new sorting options.

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Friday, February 05, 2010

txtForward review

From KnowYourMobile:

txtForward is easy to set up and forget about and it just works; just as your BlackBerry lets you stay on top of email when you’re away from your desk, txtForward lets you stay on top of textand PIN messages when you don't have your phone in your hand.

If you don’t always have your BlackBerry glued to your hand, it’s phenomenally useful.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

5 Best File Transferring Apps for iPhone

From Brighthub:

File Magic is a useful file transfer utility that lets you store any file file on your iPhone and then read it anytime, anywhere or transfer it to another PC or Mac later on. In other words, this app transforms your iPhone into an ordinary thumb drive or briefcase that you can bring along anywhere you go. In addition, this file storage app also lets you import your address book to a text file then back it up on your desktop as well as create emails on the desktop and sync it with your iPhone so that you can send it through your iPhone. FIle Magic supports various documents including .doc and .dock, htm and html, PDF, txt, pp., els and xlsx. music files, video files and images.

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Manage your passwords safely in SplashID

From OnSoftware:

SplashID is the best password manager out there. It's not free, but it’s worth every cent. It's got two great characteristics that make it unique: total customization and support for multiple platforms.

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iSing Review

From AppVee:

Almost everyone loves to sing. Whether it be in public, on stage, or while standing in the shower, the majority of us are willing to belt it out when the conditions are right. iSing is an application that takes your love of singing and puts it to good use. The app is actually pretty simple. Record yourself singing a song using your iPhone and upload that recording to a server. All songs are posted for iSing users to listen to and rate.

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SplashTravel #1 in Top Ten Travel Apps

From TravelGirl Magazine:

This is my new favorite app for travel. I usually don't pay for apps, but this one was worth it. It has a currency converter, flight tracker, tip calculator, packing list and more, but my favorite feature is Trips. I often read about restaurants and hotels I may want to check out in the future but by the time I go there, I can't find where I wrote them down! Now I just add in a trip, and then add the restaurants and hotels I've read or heard about and I'm all set.

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App Developers Speak Out on the iPad

From Brighthand:

The Apple iPad is still over a month away from release, but many companies that make iPhone apps are already looking into creating software for this tablet computer.

Although it will run the iPhone OS, the difference in screen size and resolution between this upcoming device and Apple's smartphone and handheld will bring challenges but also new opportunities for developers.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

MailTones - Email Sounds and Alerts

From Macworld:

Most users who utilize - or at the very least monitor - their e-mail on the iPhone or iPod touch will likely find this to be a useful app, as it enables you to only be sidetracked by an e-mail notification when you choose to.

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