Tuesday, February 03, 2009

SplashID review

From PalmAddicts:

In this day and age of countless login names, passwords, email addresses, PINs and ID numbers, how anyone can survive without some sort of password manager is a mystery to me. In fact, until a year or so ago, I did squeak by without one. Probably because I wasn't very clever. I know I certainly forgot my fair share of login names and passwords. And I'm definitely guilty of committing the ultimate sin of using the same password/username for multiple services, in an effort to remember my info.

I finally tried out one of the countless password keepers available for PalmOS, and I was much happier (and more secure) because of it.At the time, my choice was motivated primarily by a desire for a free solution. Therefore: YAPS. YAPS is an encrypted database for storing login data on a PalmOS device. And that's it. It gets the job done and not one bit more than that. And occasionally, it would reset my device.But Pre is coming, and with it webOS, and probably no support for old freeware apps like YAPS. It's time to consider my options for smoothing my transition from PalmOS to webOS, and one developer that'll definitely have my back is Splashdata. At CES, Palm showed a short list of special developers already on board for the webOS, and Splashdata was there. I'm certainly hoping that we'll see titles released by those developers at the time the Pre launches. (Speculation warning: Splashdata has not, to my knowledge, acknowledged that they are actively developing any webOS applications.)

Splashdata develops probably the best known password manager on the market, SplashID. It's already available for PalmOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, Mac, and iPhone. And with the hint of webOS development soon to come, jumping into SplashID certainly seems forward thinking. But how does it stand up as a product? Suffice to say, this product is how a password manager should be done.

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