Monday, August 29, 2005

Resco Announces Release of New Version of Explorer 2005

Resco, a leading provider of end-user mobile applications, today announced availability of a new release of one of the best selling applications - Resco Explorer 2005.

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PhatWare Announces CalliGrapher 8.0 with Support for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the immediate availability of CalliGrapher 8.0. Most notable new features of the award-winning handwriting recognition software include support for Windows Mobile 5.0, a new soft input panel called Write Pad and the Statistical Analyzer.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

MobileDataforce® Launches Intercue Publisher 2.0, Enabling Companies to Easily Update Mobile Employees with Electronic Forms

MobileDataforce®, the leading provider of rapid application development solutions for mobile environments (RADS-ME), announces the release of Intercue Publisher v. 2.0 to enable companies to automatically distribute new and revised electronic forms on Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Tablet PC devices, plus Windows XP laptop and desktop computers.

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Treonauts reviews WordPop and Word Watch

Aside from action shooters there is one category of games that I have a particular affinity for. Namely, word and text games.

Naturally, I have the classic Scrabble but without a doubt two of my favourite and best designed word games are Word Watch and WordPop! – both of which are perfect for short play bursts of 10 to 15 minutes or alternatively for hours if you prefer.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

KickStartNews reviews Belkin Media Reader for iPod

The Belkin Media Reader for iPod provides a fast way to back up digital images to your iPod while traveling. The iPod's large capacity can store thousands of digital photos and frees up your camera's storage so you can take more pictures. With storage card capacities increasing almost monthly and digital camera resolutions and image files sizes increasing just as quickly, being able to offload images to an iPod—one of the most likely traveling companions—seems to make sense.

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Bityard also reviewed the Belkin Media Reader.

KickStartNews reviews TuneCast II

How do you get the music on your portable music player into the car stereo system right now? If you've got a cassette player, there's always the old, reliable cassette adapter which plugs into the headphone jack of the player. It works, fidelity is limited by the head in the dummy cassette body, and of course there is that omnipresent wire dangling off the passenger seat, getting tangled up with the donuts, papers, console gearshift and so on. Then there are the surprisingly large number of car lighter jack adapters which not only power your portable player but also incorporate a small FM radio transmitter which injects the audio stream from your player into an available, tunable channel on the car radio. They're nice contraptions which also take up the lighter jack, making it impossible to charge the cell phone while you're listening to music. The Belkin Tunecast II addresses the best of both worlds by being self-contained (battery powered—wireless therefore) and by not requiring a cassette deck because the Tunecast II is primarily a low powered FM radio transmitter designed to inject a signal into your car FM radio tuner.

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KickStartNews reviews SplashBlog

Among the most interesting features in SplashBlog is the ability to do group blogging. Business groups, families and friends can have access to the latest pictures taken by the group’s members. A group of Treo 650 users, for instance, can all take pictures, add captions for the images and automatically upload them to a shared photoblog for everyone to enjoy. You can also "subscribe" to a friend's photoblog, automatically downloading new photos every time you do a wireless sync.

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KickStartNews reviews SplashMoney

SplashData has put a lot of effort into creating a useful and easy to use program that should integrate quite well with your online banking and any existing financial management software. More than that as well, SplashMoney functions perfectly well as a standalone personal financial management program. You don't need Quicken or Money to use SplashMoney.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

WavBoard Equips Cars with Broadband Internet Connection

The WavBoard, an in-car Internet system, is introducing computer users to a freedom they've never had. Developed by San Diego based Omniwav Mobile, the patent pending WavBoard takes a broadband Internet connection and puts it on wheels. Families will enjoy the convenience of its multiple-user feature. Mom and dad can stay connected on their laptops while the kids play Xbox live, do homework, and chat online with friends.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

MobileDataforce® Launches PointSync® 2.0, Enabling Rapid Creation & Deployment of Mobile Applications

MobileDataforce, the leading provider of rapid application development solutions for mobile environments (RADS-ME), announced today the launch of PointSync® 2.0, a complete system for building and deploying advanced applications on mobile devices. With PointSync, organizations with or without in-house programmers can quickly and easily create customized mobile forms software for field data collection and database queries.

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Monday, August 01, 2005

eView Technologies' CCTV Surveillance Security Systems Announces Plans for Transmitting Images to Handheld Devices

eView Technologies, a diversified Security and Automation Management organization providing intelligent video surveillance technologies, today announced that it is responding to the increasing demand from law enforcements agencies and end-users for use of handheld mobile devices to provide surveillance security. eView Technologies will support Microsoft Pocket PC (PPC) and Palm Operating Systems (OS) to extend eView Manager surveillance security software suite to mobile devices. Enterprises and government agencies can achieve new levels of productivity and security without disastrous, costly and time-consuming challenges to share closed-circuit television (cctv) video surveillance images and intelligence information, across secure and trusted networks.

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