Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SplashShopper reviewed on a Centro

From TreoCentral:

For many of us, a shopping list is something scribbled on a notepad or Post-it that’s crammed into a pocket and pulled out when visiting a store. Upon returning home, and sometimes the minute you’ve walked out of the store, that list gets crumpled and tossed away. Yeah, the idea of "reduce, reuse and recycle" doesn't come into play with this approach.

Along came Apple's App store, and with it a reminder that there are all kinds of ways you can accomplish things quickly and efficiently from your smartphone. Those of us carrying a Centro or Treo may suffer from iPhone envy due to the sheer volume of affordable apps that are available for that platform. Rather than waste energy on wistful ponderments, we ought to focus on some of the many apps that have been developed for the Palm OS platform over the years (remember... Palm came first!).

So with that in mind, and after having such an awesome experience with SplashData's SplashPhoto app, I thought I'd give SplashShopper (SRP $29.95) a try.

It is described as an app that "offers a powerful and easy way to manage everything from grocery shopping to holiday gift lists to keeping track of DVD rentals." First introduced seven years ago, in February 2002, this app lets you manage multiple shopping lists on a Palm OS handheld and desktop computer.

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