Friday, January 29, 2010

Publishers and Developers Talk iPad -- Mighty Industry Morphin' Time?

From MacLife:

...some people are seeing real potential in the iPad. They're eager to turn the device into an entirely new platform for presenting content and creating new ways of doing business. Others are more cautious. The bottom-line seems to be that the future of the iPad is in content creators’ hands.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GoodReader Review

From iPhone Shine (this site's inaugural review!):

There are myriad of file viewers out there on the AppStore, but Goodreader is a different crop. It is much more than just a simple file viewer.

GoodReader lets you view large PDF files with or without reflow. We have tested the reflow feature and boy, it works like a charm.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

MailTones - unterschiedliche Sounds für eintreffende Nachrichten


MailTones ist eine klasse Sache, um seine Aufmerksamkeit bei eintreffenden Anrufen oder Nachrichten auf Wichtiges oder Privates zu richten. Gut einsetzbar, um ungestört und effizient arbeiten zu können.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

MailTones - different sound alerts for different e-mail senders

From iPhoneLife:

It lets you assign different sounds to different e-mail senders and uses the iPhone's push notification to alert you when you receive important e-mails. This is apparently the only app that offers this function. And in their just-released update they've added a feature popular with IT managers: messages to their pagers can be forwarded to their iPhones and use a unique sound to alert them that they have a support call that needs attention. And if they're sleeping when that alert comes through? The new version has an extra-loud-and-long alarm tone just for that purpose. MailTones is also now compatible with the second-generation iPod touch.

Read about it also at Just Another iPhone Blog.

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Video review of BugMe! for BlackBerry

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Review: SplashNotes for iPhone and Desktop

From GearDiary:

Overall, it’s hard not to like SplashNotes. It is a simple outlining and note taking program and it doesn’t pretend to be more than that. There are fancier outliner programs available, but SplashNotes is easy to use, cleanly organized, and will do what you need to do most of the time.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review of SplashNotes Outliner for iPhone

From Cool iPhone Apps:

The fact is that SplashNotes Outliner is for everyone who needs to make each day productive. It's the new way of keeping a little notebook in your pocket at all times. This iPhone productivity is all you need to create outlines of any size and complexity, which you can also turn into checklists as needed. Not only that, but you may attach photos or quick notes for your reference, use SplashNotes on your PC or Mac and synchronize your notes with your iPhone. For myself, I am using SplashNotes Outliner for keeping track of such items as my annual weight loss plan (ho-hum), the dog's monthly medication schedule, my writing assignments, career opportunities, family events and 101 other vital things. If you have a task to accomplish, don't let the prospect scare you. Instead let SplashNotes Outliner get you on track to accomplishing your goal.

"Whether you are taking notes in class or a meeting, or planning a project, keeping track of vehicles or health, or even just outlining your ideas, SplashNotes is a very powerful assistant."

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ausprobiert: SplashID 5 – ein sicheres Platzerl für sensible Daten


Wer mehr Funktionalität benötigt als die Standard-Kennwortverwaltung bietet, der sollte SplashID ausprobieren. Mir gefällt – neben den Möglichkeiten der Applikation – besonders der Desktop-Client mit der Synchronisation der Daten zwischen PC und Smartphones.

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FlipSide: lettore multimediale per BlackBerry

From BBWorld:

FlipSide di ElectricPocket è una applicazione di cui abbiamo parlato per la prima volta a Novembre 2007, ed in seguito a Dicembre 2007, quando ancora era in versione BETA. Da allora strada ne è stata percorsa ed il player musicale, si perchè per chi non lo sapesse FlipSide è un riproduttore musicale, di strada ne ha fatta abbastanza, tanto da imporsi oggi come un valido strumento alternativo al player musicale embedded nei device, seppur al costo di 7€.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

BlackBerry Roundup: Google Mobile, Xobni Beta, and Twitterlerts

From BNET:

Want to see how your brand or product is faring in the Twitterverse? This BlackBerry app lets you search tweets, save your searches for future use, and monitor designated keywords — alerting you when there’s a match (that’s the “lert” part).

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Review of SplashMoney for iPhone

From Cool iPhone Apps:

I actually appreciate the clean, organized interface of SplashMoney because it doesn't add more confusion to my overworked brain regarding my financial affairs. You will be able to easily navigate this app, and feel very proud of yourself for setting up your business affairs so cleverly. If you are trying to recover from the expenses of the wonderful holidays you just enjoyed, SplashMoney Personal Finance Manager will have your accounts in ship-shape in no time at all!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ringo Pro - Vyberta a nastavte si vlastní vyzvánění v Androidu


Hledáte způsob, jak si nastavit v Androidu vyzváněcí tón? Pokud ano, je pro vás určena aplikace Ringo Pro od známé vývojářské společnosti Electric Pocket. Ringo Pro umožňuje nastavit vlastní vyzvánění a vzor vibrací pro SMS a volaní.Přičemž můžete nastavit vlastní schéma pro každého v seznamu.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Android Application Review : Ringo Pro

From Android Authority:

Are you looking to kick it up an notch and move beyond the drab ringtones that ship with your Android handset? If you answered with an enthusiastic “yes”, then you may want to take a look at Ringo Pro from Electric Pocket. Ringo Pro allows you to set custom ringtones and vibrate patterns for your incoming SMS and mobile phone calls. The application has fine granularity letting you customize the ringtone, the vibrate pattern and even the LED blinking color for each and every contact in your address book. Ringo Pro expands your choices beyond the stock Android ring and alert tones by allowing you to use your own music library as well as Ringo Pro’s repository which is free and easily downloaded to your phone.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mailtones Redux – Now For Blackberry Too!

From GearDiary:

I reviewed Mailtones for the iPhone a few weeks back and really like it. The app allows you to assign different sounds to various contacts so that you know who has emailed without even looking at your phone. Now every time Judie emails my phone cheers. Every time Larry emails a fire alarm goes off. And every time my assistant emails there is the sound of impending doom. I love it!

Now Mailtones has rolled out a version for the Blackberry. What do I think??


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Review of PhatNotes 1.1 for iPhone

From SvenonTech:

PhatNotes raises note taking on your iPhone to a new level. If your “Notes” program looks like a train wreck, then this is a good way to organize and manage all those things you jotted down.

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Better Late Than Never! FestiveTones Gets Reviewed

From The Gadgeteer:

The holidays might be over, but are you still feeling the holiday spirit? Are you the kind of person that changes your ringtone to Jingle Bells in keeping with the festivities? Then FestiveTones is for you.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Review of Ringo Pro for Android

From AndroidRelease:

All in all, this is a great app for customizing your ringtones and SMS tones. Well worth trying.

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Review: PhatNotes for iPhone & iPod Touch

From GearDiary:

When I still regularly used a Windows Mobile device, PhatNotes by PhatWare was typically one of the first programs that I installed on a new device. I now use an iPhone much of the time rather than Windows Mobile. I’ve tried several notes programs for the iPhone, and while many of them are quite good, none have quite hit the mark for me. I like being able to group notes of similar topics, and being able to synchronize easily with desktop software is handy also. So, when PhatWare offered Gear Diary a chance to examine their newly released version of PhatNotes for the iPhone, it seemed like a good chance to check out whether PhatNotes could assume the same role on my iPhone as it did on my Windows Mobile devices.

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