Monday, February 28, 2011

eMailGanizer Pro - App Review

From Appdictions:

The number of daily emails we receive seems to grow and grow.  Between work or school, friends, family, bills, and junk mail, how are you expected to keep track of it all?  If this sounds like you, then the new GoodHumans app, eMailGanizer Pro, is for you!

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Review: eMailGanizer, Intelligent Email Assistant

From iPhoneGlance:

Have you got a large volume of email in your iPhone inbox and wonder if there was a better way to organize them? Wonder no more, eMailGanizer is the must have iPhone application.

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Update Review: Ringtone Remix for BlackBerry

From Berryfication:

This update brings in significantly improved speed throughout the application, more zooming degrees, and a new song picker.

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Ringtone Remix – Making Unlimited Free Ringtones on a BlackBerry From Your Own Music Track

From BlackBerryInsight:

Creating ringtones with Ringtone Remix is easy. Users simply pick a track, select the section they want from the real music waveform, then save the tone. Ringtone Remix offers a zoomable waveform showing the selected music track. To pick the exact piece of the track, the user simply slides the start and end sliders into position and presses the “Save” button.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

eMailGanizer Review

From iPhoneShine:

What I really love about this app is its ability to file multiple emails at once into a particular folder. This saves me a lot of time. Other nifty features include the option to add emails and events to the Calendar.
So, do I recommend this app? Of course - it is a must-have for anyone who gets boatload of emails everyday and want to make their lives better by properly organizing them into folders.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

eMailGanizer: Your Personal Email Assistant

From Run Around Tech:

If you're obsessed with keeping your inbox neat and organized like me you'll want to check out this app. The more you file away the smarter the app gets learning your preferences and making suggestions accordingly.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ringtone Remix Pro review

From LatestGadgets:

Ringtone Pro is fast and easy and allows pinch to zoom for precision. I’ve done a fair bit of audio editing in my time and was comfortable with using the interface. You can pop into your iTunes library, grab your favourite non-DRM’d song and find a section to loop. Couldn’t be easier right? Well the Ringtone Pro folks have simplified it even further by adding a Magic button that analyses the audio file, finds a loopable section and automatically highlights it for you. You can then fiddle with it a tiny bit to get the syncing just right. I created a ringtone from Anamanaguchi’s Jetpack Blues and Sunset Hues in seconds.

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Nag App for Mac Delivers Easy, On-Demand Alarms


Nag for Mac is a Mac version of the popular iPhone app that allows users to easily set an alarm with the push of a button, without thinking about what time you need to set the clock for. For example, if you know that in 10 minutes you need to leave the coffeeshop to meet your wife for lunch, open up Nag, click the 10 icon and get back to work. After 10 minutes the app will “Nag” you with one of the bundled sounds.

The app is much simpler than opening up your phone, finding the alarm app, looking 10 minutes into the future and then setting the alarm with 7-10 taps.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ringtone Remix has been updated - Faster, New Song Picker, & More!

From NerdBerry:

If any of you are into personalizing your phone like I am, ringtones are one of the first things that you add to your phone. Well Ringtone Remix has been updated with great overall enhancements:
  • Significant improvement in speed – eliminating any lag-time when ringtones are played.
  • Even more degrees of zoom on the waveform so users can better fine-tune which sections of songs they wish to use as their ringtones
  • A new song picker to make it easier to find and select the tune you want to turn into a ringtone.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

File messages quickly on iPhone with eMailGanizer

From Macworld:

GoodHumans' new eMailGanizer app - available both in pro and free ad-supported versions - has arrived in the iOS App Store. The offering is aimed at sales professionals, money managers, Getting Things Done (GTD) practitioners, and - in the developer's words - "anybody with dozens, if not hundreds, of e-mail folders."

GoodHumans says the app makes it easier to organize messages because it identifies and displays folders most likely to be relevant to the current e-mail. A "quick mode" function allows multiple e-mails to be filed simultaneously; users can also add events directly from mail to the iPhone calendar, and do full-text searches of their mail offline.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Stop tapping and get writing with WritePad Android app

From Appolicious'

This handwriting-recognition app definitely earns a place on my must-have Android app list. I'm going to be using this app 24/7. The app also has autocorrect, an editable user dictionary, an easy-to-use calculator function and one press of a button takes you back to keyboard mode, if you so choose.

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Video: PhatWare and TUAW chat about apps, handwriting recognition at Macworld 2011

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Create ringtones right on your iPhone

From CNET's iPhone Atlas:

If you want a few extra features not found in the freebie ringtone makers, check out Ringtone Remix Pro. It's a simple, elegant tool that makes the process painless.

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iPhone Appidemic: Ringtone Remix Pro

From Appletell:

Whenever you’re in a mood for creating ringtones, I can’t think of a faster and easier way to do it than this app. If you’re one of the people who likes to have a separate ringtone for almost everyone on your contact list, this is definitely the app for you.

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A review of Ringo for Android

From PalmAddicts:

Ringo really lets you go to town on your mobile and customise it to exactly how you want it to notify you, something that Android slightly lacks - you can enable popups when you get SMS's, change the rate of the LED blinking and even turn on 'Escalating Ring', which gradually increases the volume of the ringtone, something that I miss from back in the day when I had a little Nokia 3310.

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