Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: SplashMoney for iPad

From Cool iPhone Apps:

Finance professionals say it is critical to create a monthly budget, monitor, follow and analyze it to see how to best spread your money around. SplashMoney helps you create customizable charts that account for every penny of your earnings and expenditures.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: SplashMoney by SplashData

From Gizmo Fusion:

"one of the most complete and easy to use money apps I have ever used.  Simple and intuitive is all you need to help keep track of your finances."

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BugMe! Notes review for iPad

From CravingTech:

BugMe! Notes is a simple to use application and it looks great on the iPad. Notes can be custom tailored to your style (note colors, ink colors, and also the type of writings). The fact that notes can be handwritten using just your finger means that you can always create quick short reminder notes in seconds.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Protecting your precious information with SplashID (review of BlackBerry version)

From Bangkok Post:

In a nutshell, SplashID is software designed to keep all your secret PIN/passwords in the same basket securely. The software protects your precious information using AES and Blowfish encryption and auto lockout after 10 failed attempts.
Having been in the business of developing applications for handheld devices since the year 2000, SplashData knows how to serve most, if not all, handheld platforms. So it's no surprise to see SplashID coming out with versions for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Palm WebOS, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, S60, and of course BlackBerry. Desktop versions are also available for both Windows and Mac.
This multi-platform capability is an obvious advantage for people who have to access to more than one platform or plan to change platform in the future because they can share and sync the same data via the desktop version.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BookLover - a fun app for readers of all ages

From iPhone Life Magazine:

Are you part of a book club or simply like to share what you are reading with others? If so, you’ll want to try the Book Lover app.

This is a fun AND practical app for book lovers of all ages!

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

SplashShopper among this week's "best iPad apps"

From Appolicious:

The much-loved list-making app Splashshopper Lists for iPad ($4.99) finally arrived in the iTunes App Store this week. Super-easy to use, Splashshopper contains manypre-populated lists, while creating new ones is simple. Need groceries? Simply tap the items you need in the grocery list, tap “Needed” at the bottom of the screen and you’re presented with your grocery list. It even gives you a rough estimate of how much the items are going to cost. Lists can be emailed and synced to your desktop using the Splashshopper desktop app.

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Review: SplashID Desktop and BlackBerry Application

From BerryReview:

Most people use the internet to either check email, conduct business and do their shopping. What protects us in the internet is a well though out password but with so many accounts is usually hard to remember passwords and sometimes we tend to choose an easy password giving up some of the security. SplashID let me test their application and I am very impressed with their application.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

iPhone Security Apps Buying Guide

From eSecurity Planet:

Among the wide range of options available, SplashData’s SplashID ($9.95) password manager offers a particularly comprehensive solution, including the ability to sync with the company’s desktop software ($19.95). Key features include AES and Blowfish encryption, a random password generator, and a browser plug-in for quick sign-in on your desktop.

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BugMe! Ink Notes and Alarms for iPad - Sticky Notes For The iPad!!! Cool...

From Crazy Mike's Apps:

Anyone who works for a living, runs a household, is a student and so on has used a “sticky note” a time or two. Why, because we need a little colorful piece of paper to scream out to us “Hey You Need To Do That.” The developers at Electric Pocket have developed a cool app that does this for you on your iPad and iPhone.

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Quick Look: Bug Me! For iPad

From Just Another Mobile Monday:

I am a huge fan of Post-it Notes.  I use the for just about everything, and the little slips of colored paper literally litter my office.  So, the opportunity to clutter my iPad with dozens of colored doodles and reminders is far too tempting for me to avoid.  Bug Me makes it just as easy to scribble a quick note to yourself as a regular Post-in Note.  The fact that you can also make them infinitely more legible, and even attach alarms to these notes, makes them even more useful than regular Post-it Notes.

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Meet the Makers: Q&A with Iain Barclay of Electric Pocket

An Appolicious feature interview with Electric Pocket's chief products officer, Iain Barclay.

"My dream change to the iPhone OS would be to implement a card metaphor for applications, like Palm's webOS has. That is a wonderful way to support multi-tasking - users can have several apps running, and can 'flick' between their applications - in a very similar way to flicking through the columns in the iPhone version of TweetDeck. It’s great that we're going to have multi-tasking in OS 4.0, but I'd really love to see that webOS-style UI change in the mix too."

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Monday, July 05, 2010

BookLover Book Cataloging iPhone App Review

From The Gadgeteer:

Avid book readers that like to keep track of the books that they have read and ones they want to read in the future need to take a look at Electric Pocket’s BookLover iPhone app. This is an easy to use application with a nice interface and a promising set of features.

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