Monday, December 29, 2008

FlipSide for BlackBerry review

From BlackBerry Rocks!:

Something else that is awesome about this application is that it has THE BEST shuffle mode compared to the other MP3 applications I’ve played with. The others seem to be set on some sort of pattern or mathematical whatever, but FlipSide’s shuffle is really random. I know there are people that can appreciate a good shuffle mode, especially if you don’t want to know what’s going to play next. Sometimes it makes it more interesting versus hearing a set playlist.

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HanDBase for BlackBerry Review

From Between Realities:

I am the type of phone user that likes to have it easy. There's nothing really complex about it; no insane formula that governs it. I simply like to have as much as I can on the least number of devices. Convergence is key.

It's the reason that I, the most loyal of Palm guys, migrated to BlackBerry. I am a ministry guy, and everything on my device needs to assist me in that pursuit.The biggest drawback for me as a new BB user was the relative dearth of the third party applications that made life with Palm a breeze. In recent years, the gap is closing; one application that helps shrink this gap significantly is HanDBase Professional for BlackBerry by DDH Software.

I originally had this on my Palm OS device, and it was my most used non-scriptual application. Simply put, it is an all-round database solution with an amazing penchant for flexibility.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SplashMoney for BlackBerry review

From BlackBerryInsight:

Finding it difficult to manage your money from home? The latest SplashMoney application for Blackberry connects you to your online bank allowing you to manage your money anywhere and anytime. With SplashMoney you can download transactions from a desktop computer or any wireless application and connect to the online banks around the world. This software also gives you the space to create important budgets and to analyze and track your expenditures using charts and reports.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Review: txtForward for BlackBerry

From BlackBerryRocks:

txtForward is an application that forwards all your received and sent text messages to a chosen email.

This application is useful if you need to archive your text messages because you have a company phone, or just because you like to back things up. This is also great if you spend lots of time on a computer and email and you don’t always have your BlackBerry around.

It works flawlessly

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Friday, December 19, 2008

txtForward for Windows Mobile

From MobileVillage:

Electric Pocket has released a Windows Mobile edition of txtForward, its application for automatically forwarding text messages to any e-mail address. TxtForward is $9.95 at A version is also available for BlackBerry.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

FlipSide for Windows Mobile

From AppScout:

Electric Pocket, a mobile developer, announced that their FlipSide MP3 player app is now available for Windows Mobile cell phones.

FlipSide first rose to prominence on the BlackBerry platform, where it let users scroll through album covers using the handset's navigation controls. The Windows Mobile version takes it one step further, letting users flick through their music collections with an iPhone-like finger swipe (if your WM handset has a touchscreen). The space bar, meanwhile, can start, pause, or skip songs.

The company said that as with other versions, FlipSide for Windows Mobile downloads and displays each album's cover art, and links to FlipSide Extras for artist bios and recommendations. The app plays music stored on memory cards in both MP3 and WMA formats. It costs $19.95; a free trial is available at

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iPhone apps that sync

From Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch:

I began to look at applications that would increase my productivity and also have a desktop component. I like a desktop component for both the ease of lots of data entry and for peace of mind, since the data is backed up on both the handheld and desktop devices.

One piece of software that I received as a demo, SplashShopper, created by SplashData, I have found easy-to-use and very useful!

SplashShopper is just what it sounds like-- it is a shopping list application, and comes with pre-populated shopping lists for all types of things, including books, gifts, groceries, movies, etc. However, it is very easy to re-create these lists to meet your specific needs and even create your own list.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SplashPhoto IS a Game Changer

From TreoCentral:

Conclusion – SplashPhoto IS a Game Changer

My review merely scratches the surface of all the things you can do with SplashPhoto. For example, a whole separate review could have been done just on the interactivity between Picasa, Flickr and Facebook.

Looking back, I have a hard time coming up with something not to like about SplashPhoto. Seriously, this application well exceeded my expectations. It took the hassle out of using my Centro's built-in camera. In fact, I'm smiling because I now have a really efficient way to get my photos into circulation (and get my Centro screen grabs over to my Mac).

Plus, I am quite impressed with how intuitive it is to use. It really seems like the folks at SplashData anticipated my needs. In fact, this is clearly a situation where the company's experience shines through. First introduced in 2000, SplashPhoto has evolved over the years into a terrific program that is a game changer and a keeper, as far as I'm concerned.

I look forward to continuing to learn more about the wonderful things I can do with this app. At first, the price ($29.95) kind of took me back. But thinking about everything SplashPhoto lets me do, I'd say that it is money well spent.

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SplashWallet reviewed

From The Gadgeteer:

SplashData’s SplashWallet makes a great gift AND a great tool for the holidays… which would have been a more useful realization if I had it about a month earlier! Check out part 1 of my 2 part review…

SplashWallet is a $59.95 pack of four well-made programs that run $29.95 each when purchased separately:
- SplashID, a security program for passwords and numbers
- SplashMoney, a financial program
- SplashShopper, a smart shopping list
- SplashPhoto, a photo/slideshow program

The four programs are available separately- but if you are thinking about buying any two of them (for a total of $59.90), you may as well spend the other nickel and get all 4! Not quite a suite since they do not really interact with each other, they nonetheless share similar interfaces and all have a PC/Mac element which greatly adds to their value in my eyes. I’m going to review two of them at a time- starting with the two that are most useful for the holidays- SplashMoney and SplashShopper.

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SplashShopper Giveaway at SheKnowsParties

SheKnowsParties is sponsoring a SplashShopper giveaway to help readers organize their gift buying and holiday party planning.

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SplashShopper Review

From PalmAddicts:

You can use SplashShopper to keep track of your holiday gift shopping. I am a forgetful guy, so I have to write down exactly what each person I’ve talked to wants, or I just end up buying them something last minute. I’m sure none of you have ever done anything like that...Don’t forget that SplashShopper also has a Desktop version for Mac and Windows, which can allow you to easily manage your larger lists. Then you’re just a sync away from keeping your computer and device up to date.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SplashShopper for the Holidays

From BlackBerryInsight:

You need SplashShopper, the ultimate smart list manager that you can take with you. Manage your lists of groceries, gifts, to do’s, wines, music, movies, and more! Track prices and locations. Easily manage and synchronize lists on your BlackBerry and desktop computer with the included Windows companion software.

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Review of FlipSide MP3 Player for BlackBerry

From PalmAddicts:

I am a music and podcast junkie. Before I got my BlackBerry with a 4GB card, I always kept my iPod mini with me to listen to music on the go. After I got a 4GB card for dirt cheap on Black Friday, I decided to buy FlipSide for BlackBerry. They also make a Windows Mobile version as well, and I'll probably get that for my Epix too.

FlipSide is a really simple to use and read mp3 player. The first thing that you will notice is the simple navigation for the BB trackball. just flick the trackball, and you are scrolling through your albums on your memory card. Click to play. Can't get simpler than that.

For all of you fans of, this program also scrobbles your music to if you setup your account information.

I like this program so much better thant the media program on my Bold just for the album art, and it even searches for album art to use. FlipSide is definately a good way to get at your music simply, and I know I will be installing this on every BB and Windows Mobile device I have.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

FlipSide MP3 player review

From PDA-247:

FlipSide does not change the way the music sounds and is in practice no quicker than the built-in music software, but it changes the ‘experience’ of playing music on a mobile device and is now my preferred method of mobile music management. It is good value for $19.95 and adds a touch of class to any business orientated BlackBerry. Also available for Windows Mobile devices.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Ringo for BlackBerry review

From Palm Addicts:

I love it when I can tell if a call is really important or one I can just dump to voicemail. It's the hallmark of modern communications. If I'm busy with a customer, if I know it's my wife, I can dump to VM easily.

I'm suprised that my new Blackberry Bold doesn't do it automatically. Every BlackBerry has options to change tones for in and out of the holster, but not any way to assign separate ringtones for contacts. Then I remembered that Ringo on my Epix has a cousin for Blackberry OS.

I grabbed a copy for BB last night and got it installed. I changed the BB profile to OFF, then activated Ringo. After getting the custom tones for my wife, boss, and co-workers set up, whenever any one of them call, I get different tones, so I know when to dump the call now. Now my Blackberry Bold is a real communications device, by telling me when and WHEN NOT to communicate.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

SplashID for iPhone review

From MacLife:

Stop trying to remember every password and number in your life. Let SplashID do it for you.
One password to rule them all. That's the idea behind SplashID, a simple but effective mobile vault for passwords, PINs, login IDs, credit-card numbers, registration numbers, Social Security numbers, and any other information you want to preserve and protect.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

BugMe! Review

From The Gadgeteer:

BugMe! is a Notepad replacement for $19.95 that has been around in various incarnations for years. It brings some nice touches to the party. The addition of drawing tools and colors is the most visible part, and it greatly helps my doodling and notes to be able to change colors. The addition of 'rubber stamps', or icons you can place and move is fun as well- and you can use many standard icons, such as Datebk and other programs use.

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Review: PhoneFace Speed Dialer for BlackBerry

From BlackBerryRocks:

PhoneFace Speed-dial is an application that allows you to create a picture-enabled speed dial menu. It’s fast, reliable, and it can even get pictures from your friends’ Facebook profile and use them as a caller id picture!

For the most part, the integration of Facebook profile pics with this application is great. Sometimes you’ll get a random fuzzy picture, but I think that has to do with the format the picture is in.

PhoneFace gives you the option of adding a “shortcut” in all menus, making it easy to access your picture enabled speed dial. If you are a Facebook fiend and are interested in your friend’s profile pictures, this application has the option to auto update the caller id pic whenever your friends update their profile picture. It also allows you to take a picture directly from the application to use as a caller id pic, or use one of the included images for home, office, sweetheart and more.

Overall, I give this application a 5/5 stars. It’s reasonably priced, easy to use, integrates very easily with Facebook and your BlackBerry’s memory or media card, and it can scan your entire address book.

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Forwarding your text messages to your email

From FierceMobileIT:

I came across txtForward earlier today, which I thought was worth a mention here. As its name suggests, txtForward automatically forwards incoming or outgoing text messages to a specified email address. This could be a boon for the heavy text user who might just want a simple and reliable way to archive their messages. And in case you didn't realize, text messaging is apparently being used by teens to avoid taking phone calls by their parents.

Anyway, the unfortunate state of affair is that most smartphones simply do not treat text messages as important, and hence are generally limited in terms of message-level searching, as well as in their backup and archival.

Available for the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, the BlackBerry version of the software worked flawlessly for me.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

HanDBase and SplashID Featured in ZDNet's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide

Another curious omission on the iPhone is a database manager. The demise of Filemaker Mobile has left a vacuum of database solutions for the iPhone. HanDBase (pronounced Handy Base) (iTunes, US$10) deftly fills the void with a light and fast relational database manager for the iPhone. It offers data entry, searching, sorting, filtering, printing and synchronization across a wide variety of handheld computing devices, PDAs, smartphones and desktop computers.

Read the entry here.

No matter how hard I try I can’t remember my bank account numbers. I used to have to have to look them up every time I went to the bank and it was a huge waster of time
Whether it’s account numbers, logins or credit card numbers they can all be stored in one secure and convenient iPhone application called SplashID. I’ve been using it on Mac OS X for ages and was elated when they ported it to the iPhone. Now it’s easy to sync all my passwords, logins and account numbers to my iPhone.

Read the entry here.

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