Friday, April 30, 2010

iPad gains document sharing

From BeatWeek Magazine:

GoodReader, the most downloaded document viewing app in the App Store, has released a new iPad-specific version of its app. The ninety-nine cent product is best known for its ability to display large files such as PDF documents, and now supports the ability to move files on and off the device via services including Apple’s own MobileMe/iDisk and third party services and Also included is FTP-style support for the DropBox and Google Docs services.

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Check Out GoodReader

From Dubuque Telegraph-Herald:

If you work with large PDF or text files, you know the challenge of working with them on the small screen.
GoodReader helps solve that problem.

Simply download the file into the program. Then when you access the file, you'll see how it can be manipulated and rotated for ease of reading.

The program also works with other formats, and can even play some audio files.

There are other bells and whistles, such as various download options (Wi-Fi, e-mail and Web), managing files and integration with some other apps.

But it's strength is reading PDFs. Any size can be read relatively easily. Several tools are available with just a tap on the screen.

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New SplashID 5.3 iPhone App


A major new update has just been launched for the password manager app SplashID. The new SplashID 5.3 for the iPhone and iPod Touch now has a unique new pattern based option for accessing a user’s secure database of account numbers, PINs, passwords and other sensitive material.

To launch the app a user traces a distinct finger pattern on the device screen, and then uses that same finger pattern every time they want to start the application. Developed by SplashData, Inc, this new version now supports Spanish, Italian, French and German.

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10 Gorgeously Designed iPhone Applications

From RazorianFly:

Bug Me
There are quite a few good-looking notes applications for iPhone, but this one is probably one of my favorites. Designed by Welsh development studio @, BugMe acts as your personal notes taker, allowing you to take notes quickly by jotting them in virtual ink, with your finger as the pen. With a variety of choice of colored paper pad to choose from, the app makes the notion of note taking look pretty awesome.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

6 Best iPad Apps for Business Users

From Mashable:

#1 - GoodReader. GoodReader is hands-down, the best PDF reader for the iPhone and the iPad version is even better. What makes GoodReader special is that it can not only view local files (and you can transfer files to it from iTunes), including PDF, Word, Excel, PNG, TXT, JPEG and more, but you can download files from a URL or connect to a web server.

It handles really large files extremely well (it can even unzip files) and it connects to Google Docs () so you can download your Google Docs files for offline reading or to open in another application for easy editing. At only $0.99, GoodReader is a steal and then some.

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Review: BugMe! for Android, webOS, and iPhone OS

From ZDNet:

I started using Palm PDAs back in 1997 and one application that I used back then and found to be extremely helpful was BugMe!. BugMe! was a note taking application that gave you a virtual sticky note on your Palm PDA and the ability to write on your display too. Electric Pocket has evolved over the years as mobile devices have and today they have BugMe! for RIM BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Android, and Palm webOS devices.

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Do You Need a Password Manager?


Ultimately, IT security geeks caution us into believing that any one system can deter all cyber crime.The so-called Aurora attack on Google is prime example number one. Yet the pros reiterate that the more difficult you can make it on a would-be attacker, the better your defense stands a chance. Eliminating the risk of phishing scams is a sure-fire shot in favor of good password managers (those that can handle complex logins, such as SplashID) as is mitigating your risk of malware (no small task).

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Back from a previous life - Bug Me for the iPhone

From PalmAddicts:

Anyone who has had a Palm has certainly used BugMe sometime in his life.  I certainly did, and I think it was loaded onto every Palm that I owned.  Well, it's back for the iPhone and works really well - and it does a lot more than the Palm edition ever could do.

Great little app for only $.99, and now they have an iPad version as well.  It really takes me back to the old days.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

GoodReader for iPad sells 24,000 copies, is now No. 2 paid app

From Los Angeles Times:

GoodReader, the 99-cent document and PDF reader for iPad, has become the No. 2 paid app on the iPad charts, displacing Apple's own chart-topping offerings, Numbers and Keynote.

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SplashMoney Featured in "6 Financial Apps You'll Love"

From San Francisco Chronicle:

Connect wirelessly to your savings, credit card and bank accounts and check your balances instantly. Want to keep accounts up-to-date and organized without using a desktop application? SplashMoney does that. Or, you can sync with SplashMoney desktop software for PC or Mac, and Quicken, Microsoft Money and more. There's even a multicurrency feature. It's fast, easy, useful and inexpensive to use at $4.99.

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SplashID review

From Know Your Mobile:

SplashID is a surprisingly useful tool. It’s easy to use, and keeps your passwords and secret information where you’re not likely to lose them. Keeping then on a secure Blackberry and backing up to a PC makes a lot of sense, especially when you can remotely wipe any lost devices, making sure no one gets their hands on your digital identity.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

BugMe! review

From Know Your Mobile:

Way back when, back before smartphones, there was Palm and the first real PDA. There was also a rather useful little piece of software called BugMe! that did one thing, taking short notes, and did it well. Now BugMe! has made it to BlackBerry, and it’s still just that simple, and just that good – only now it can also take advantage of BlackBerry’s smartphone features.

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txtForward BlackBerry App Review

From Apps Reviews:

BlackBerry is clearly the favorite smart phone amongst business people around the globe, thanks to the gadget’s advanced email and messaging features. However, as important as the sending/receiving emails and SMS is the need to save/store the relevant ones safely for future reference/use. In order to save your emails/SMS, Electric Pocket has introduced an app for BlackBerry, named txtForward- SMS to Email backup. With this app, you won’t again run the risk of accidentally losing your important emails or SMS from your smart phone.

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How I Will Know When Megan Fox Calls Me – App Review: Ringo Pro

From Absolutely Android:

Well, first I would need her direct dial number, but I am working that. When that time comes, I will be ready with Ringo Pro. There are many applications that can set up a specific ringtone for certain people: even the stock phone and contacts apps on my G1 would do that 18 months ago. This application goes a little bit further though.  In addition to being able to assign a ringtone to certain contacts, Ringo Pro will also assign specific ringtones AND specific led colors AND specific vibrates to those contacts as well.

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GoodReader comes to the iPad

From Macworld:

With all the new screen real estate that the iPad affords, it's a great candidate for an all-purpose reader device. While iBooks offers a lovely interface for e-books, there's also all those other files that clutter our desktops: PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, HTML pages, high-resolution images, and more. Luckily, GoodReader, one of the best all-purpose readers for the iPhone and the iPad Touch, is ready for the iPad's debut.

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Review of BugMe for iPod, iPad, iPhone

From TotalSmartphone:

BugMe! is another sticky note app, but it stands out because you can save notes directly to your SpringBoard, so no more excuses to forget things. Writing notes is done with your finger, you can pick any finger you like.

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