Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review: BugMe! for BlackBerry

From CrackBerry:

I’m impressed as to how well integrated BugMe! is. The application allows you to share your notes via email or SMS. If desired, you can also send a copy of a note to your calendar or task application. There’s even keyboard shortcut support and the ability to launch BugMe! from almost anywhere on your BlackBerry (no 3rd party apps so far).

Not everyone likes a nag, but in this case, you may change your mind. BugMe! is a simple application that offers powerful features. Having the best of memos, tasks and alarms rolled into one is an added bonus. BugMe! is definitely worth a try...

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Review of Comics by comiXology for iPhone

From Appvee:

Comics is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to easily read your favorite comics wherever and whenever you want to. The app is clean, polished and easy to use. It’s definitely a winner.

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Appletell reviews SplashID password management for iPhone, iPod touch

From Appletell:

Quite honestly, I’m not sure how I went so long without having an application such as SplashID at my disposal. It was a life of transferring password secure word processing documents. Of trial and error. Of passwords e-mailed between my home and office computers. How’s that for security?

There’s just so much junk to remember these days that a password/data management program is pretty much a necessity. I’ve tried a few before for both the Mac and the iPhone, but they were usually too proprietary. Apps for helping me manage my website passwords, for example, did little to help me organize my software registration information; the required information was too disparate.

But now I’ve tried the iPhone app SplashID from SplashData, and I’ve finally found an app that understands data security is a fairly broad issue. Registration numbers, bank account access, website passwords…SplashID is ready for them all, and it keeps them in tightly packed in a clean interface.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

SplashNotes for iPhone Review

From Bityard:

For many of us, writing memos on our iPhone has been as simple as using the included Notes app. What if you wanted to make more complex notes that can easily be turned into checkmark-able points? Enter SplashNotes.

Ever since I ran the Palm Pilot, I have known and used SplashNotes. This product is available for just about any mobile operating system including iPhone, PalmOS, PocketPC/Windows Mobile, and Desktop (Windows and MacOS X).

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Review: SplashID for Mac and iPhone

From MacNN:

If anything can be said about the Information Age, it's that it has cluttered our lives. We need to keep our fingers on a dumpster load of passwords, credit card numbers, bank account PINs, and other dataphernalia, but can't always keep them in our minds. That's why it makes sense to have a central, secure place to store that stuff, a place like a password manager. A good manager should allow you to instantly recall your passwords, back them up as insurance against misfortune, and create strong ones to thwart miscreant crackers. SplashID from SplashData, of Los Gatos, CA, for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac OS X does all these things and much more.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

SplashID wants to know what's in your wallet

From Frapstr:

I was actually looking into secure ID storage on my iPhone recently when I had this dropped into my lap, and from SplashData no less, so I knew it was just what I’d want in sensitive information storage and retrieval.

SplashID represents what is probably the best application for keep track of all sorts of sensitive data you don’t want prying eyes peeping: Your birth certificate, SIN card, driver’s license, credit cards, lock combinations, web logins and passwords, and pretty well everything else.

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Hands on with SplashShopper

From PocketBerry:

SplashShopper is a shopping list application for BlackBerry handhelds that is perfect for keeping lists of groceries to buy, movies to rent, CDs to buy, books to read and more! Easily manage and synchronize shopping lists on your handheld and desktop with the included desktop software (for Windows platform only). SplashShopper manages your lists of groceries, gifts, to do lists, wines, music, movies, and much more.

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Review of SplashID for Desktop

From GearDiary:

SplashData has been creating software for the mobile market since 2000. Over the past 9 years, their products have expanded from the Palm OS to also include RIM, Windows Mobile, Series 60, and iPhone/iPod Touch handhelds. SplashID, a secure wallet / password protection program, was one of their earliest offerings and continues to be a strong part of their product line.

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Review of SplashID for the iPhone

From Brighthub:

For those of us who have been using Palm OS or Windows Mobile, the SplashID name might not be unfamiliar. SplashID is a multi-platform application that allows you to store important information such as passwords, web page logins, serial numbers, insurance information and emergency information.I know what you’re thinking.

“There is no way I would ever store my personal information on my iPhone, what if it gets lost or stolen?”

SplashData thought about that as well and came up with a solution: encryption. When you setup SplashID for the first time, it asks you to create a password that is used to encrypt the database that stores all of your information. Without that password, it is impossible to gain access to your information. I recommend keeping this password as long as possible while still allowing you the ability to remember it.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

App Review: Comics for iPhone

From AllAboutiPhone:

Is it the future of comics, and of periodicals in general? There is a move towards digital distribution – aside from iPhone-specific apps, Marvel have already made a move into this space with their (web-based) digital comics. For me though, reading comics at a computer doesn’t work for any decent-length comic (or book). Perhaps this is where Apple’s fabled tablet will come in.

James Burland wrote an interesting piece on the possible Apple tablet, which could serve as the uber digital book reader. Apple could then own this space by allowing comic, magazine and other subscriptions through iTunes. Could this replace paper? Convenience will beat aesthetics, for some people.

But for now, the Comics app from Comixology is a superb platform for discovering and viewing new comics. The app could especially come into its own as a method of distributing indie comics. It’ll never quite be the same as reading it on paper, but I have to say it’s pretty damn close.Read more: http://www.allaboutiphone.net/2009/09/app-review-comics/#ixzz0QAtYLuRn

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Twitterlerts helps you keep track of tweets on BlackBerry

From Geek.com:

A new BlackBerry application will allow users to keep in touch with what’s being said on Twitter based on certain topics. The application, called Twitterlerts, automatically scans tweets for content and alerts the user to important changes. Best of all, if you don’t use Twitter you can still use the application since it does not require a Twitter account.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

SplashShopper for iPhone Organizes Your Life

From Macgasm:

With iPhone application SplashShopper ($4.99), you can organize your must-have-lists with ease. SplashShopper, to put it simply, helps you maintain lists. Lots of them. When you first start the application, you’ll be featured with a little demo on how to use the app, but once you’re past there and at the home screen, you’ll see the variety of lists you are given by default: books, emergency, gifts, groceries, household, movies, music, office supplies, to-do, travel, and wine.

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