Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick App: BugMe! for Palm Pre


Enter BugMe! ($1.99 in the App Catalog), an application that functions like the memo apps of old that allows you to quickly create a note, set an alarm for that note, and be done.  Preset alarm intervals help to speed up the process, giving you options such as top of the hour, five minutes, thirty minutes, tomorrow morning, and so on, making the process of entering a note and configuring an alarm vastly more efficient than using the calendar app for the same purpose.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

GoodReader for iPad - fills the missing file system gap

From iTWire:

The iPad OS introduced a new feature to Apple’s touchscreen system. Applications can now pass documents between each other using a set of APIs. That means that programs, like Mail, can send attachments to GoodReader for storage and easy access. In our experience, that was much easier than needed to troll through email looking for attachments. GoodReader also lets you search through its repository.

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GoodReader for iPad review

From TabletPCReview:

GoodReader is one of those apps that you just need to have on your iPad -- cheap, versatile, and you never know when you're really going to need it. It would definitely be a must-have even at $5 or $10, so at under a dollar it's a complete no-brainer. Get it now, and it will be waiting for you when you need it -- which will probably be even sooner than you think.

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Review: GoodReader for the iPad

From MobilitySite:

I am not sure just what I was expecting when I first installed GoodReader beyond an App to view PDFs, but I know I was not prepared for the sheer depth of GoodReader, just how powerful it is both in terms of reading and working with PDFs but also as a well rounded communications tool.

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Enhance iPhone and iPad Security with SplashID

From Cult of Mac:

SplashID lets you do some serious customizing to meet your needs. You can complete all data entry on your iPhone and customize how your data is stored by extending record types and categories without any limits. You can add a photo attachment to any record using a new or existing photo. SplashID’s easy search feature, which works like the one in the Apple Contacts app, finds what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

HanDBase for iPad Video App Review - Extensive Database Manager!

From CrazyMikesApps:

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HanDBase for iPad - Database Manager Review

From iPadModo:

HanDBase for iPad is highly recommended for anyone looking for a database manager. It is literally your one-stop shop application for databases. Whether you’re a homemaker looking to organize your home or a business person managing the office, HanDBase has a database built for you.

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SplashID for BlackBerry Review

From Steve Laser's blog:

"if you want a simple, portable way to have all your important data at your fingertips, this is a great investment.  It’s very flexible in that it lets you customize your data, it gives you a way to import tons of data at once, and it’s quite easy to use.  Most importantly, it is extremely secure."

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Review: txtForward for BlackBerry

From Berryfication:

What txtForward does is sends a duplicate copy of SMS text and/or Pin messages to your choice of email accounts. It’s instant as well. I couldn’t detect any lag unless it’s in the 1/100th of a second range...

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Review: SplashID for BlackBerry

From Berryfication:

SplashID is phenomenal on the BlackBerry Smartphone.

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Review: BookLover for iPhone

From GearDiary:

BookLover is a simple, nicely designed, and aesthetically pleasing little app for people who like to keep track of the books they are reading or want to record book suggestions they receive from friends or family.

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Friday, June 04, 2010

The top iPad apps for getting things done

From Appolicious:

To-do iPad apps can be simple, and sometimes that's all we need to keep on top of our tasks. Bug Me! (99 cents) looks like a corkboard on which you can post sticky notes (by typing, writing with your finger, or drawing.) You can then email the note to yourself or post to Twitter. There are also options for saving a note to your home screen as an icon (the note must first be uploaded to Bug Me!'s server), or to your photos so you can use it as your background. Bug Me! has alarms, but these only work when you've got Internet connectivity, so don't use for anything really important.

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BugMe! for iPad

From Planet iPhones:

For those who are very busy, it's recommended that you use the note on your home screen, so you won't forget what needs to be done. So BugMe is a very useful app to bug you with your saved notes, providing a unique way of taking notes. And for only 99 cents it is an app you can’t afford to be without.

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Video Review: BookLover for iPhone

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This week's 10 Best iPhone Apps

From Gizmodo:

It's tough to keep track of books you want to read or random thoughts about them sometimes, but the BookLover iPhone app makes life just a bit simpler by letting you maintain a virtual bookshelf and saving notes with ease.

The app automatically retrieves book cover and synopsis information for books you add to your shelf and has room for categories, notes, reviews, bookmarks, and suggestions. If you want to show off your highly intellectual reading habits, you can also quickly share information on your Facebook Wall or via email.

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BugMe! for iPhone and iPad

From BusinessWeek and Macworld:

BugMe succeeds in providing users with creative ways to take notes and select from a variety of ways to, well, bug themselves. This requires a few workarounds on the programming side, but the app is notable for performing well and providing a unique note-taking experience.

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