Thursday, December 30, 2010

Appletell reviews SplashID KeySafe USB drive

From Appletell:

The SplashID Key Safe is a handy tool if you find yourself using a lot of different computers with which you need to share passwords. It’s a USB drive (2 GB) with software to store and generate passwords, as part of a database that stores other information, too.
The SplashID software takes up a tiny amount of the 2GB. After you create a Master ID (and password), it presents you with a simple database program for storing all your personal information. Web log-ins, sure, but also insurance info, emergency contacts, birthdays, clothes sizes, really anything you want. Beyond the basic fields for URLs and, of course, passwords, there are predesignated and blanks fields allowing you to store info like your car’s VIN and license plate number, along with your insurance log-in or what your spouse has hinted she might like for her birthday. You can also attach a file (like a PDF or image) to the record.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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From Network World:

Whether you're using the iPhone or iPad version of GoodReader, this file importing and viewing app works great. The app now enables you to import and view documents from Web-based file-sharing/backup sites such as DropBox,, iDisk, and others. You can also import and view Google Docs files and Mail attachments, import files via Wi-Fi, transfer files from your Mac via USB, and download files from the Web. In addition to document viewing, GoodReader's file management capabilities let you protect files, star them, mark them as read, create new files and folders, e-mail files, rename files, create links to files, and compress files and folders. The app also offers a feature called "PDF reflow," which automatically extracts text from PDF files and outputs a readable text file, when possible.

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Just got an iPad? The best apps, accessories, and tips

From Engadget:

GoodReader works as the bridge between your iPad and wherever you might've stashed your documents online. You can set it up to sync from Google Docs, MobileMe, Dropbox and more, and it has great formatting and annotating abilities for reading and marking up your PDFs or .docs.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Review: Ringtone Remix for BlackBerry

From CrackBerry:

Some BlackBerry users take a lot of pride in personalization of their smart phones. This covers everything from wallpapers to home screen management to ringtones. Ah, those ringtones – the window into our true character. Tired is the cliché of the interaction between the boss and their employee; where the employee’s phone rings and the tune is…less than appropriate. We can’t help it. We hear a song – we love a song, we want that song as our ringtone. Creating the perfect ringtone from the perfect song isn’t so perfectly easy for everyone to do. Think about it, how often do you search for a ringtone already made for you?

Ringtone Remix puts the power back in your hands. You decide what you want your BlackBerry to blare. The application makes it easy to take your favourite song, select a portion of it and make it into a ringtone – all from your BlackBerry. Admit it or not, there’s a slight sense of disappointment when you have your favourite song as a ringtone, but not your favourite part of the song. Ringtone Remix helps you express who you are – the way you want to.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Review: Ringtone Remix for BlackBerry

From Berryfication:

What Ringtone Remix does is allow you to *pin-point an exact moment in your favorite song and make that loop as your Ringtone, Alert, SMS Notification, ect. It uses a zoomable waveform so you can precisely make x-song begin and end where you prefer. 

The interface is very basic, attractive and takes about 1 minute to figure out all the ins & outs.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: SplashID for iPhone

From iPhoneShine:

Information age has really messed-up our lives. We now have to deal with tones of usernames and passwords. One may say that by keeping same username and password for every site you visit can solve the problem, but believe me, that would be a really bad idea. Keeping multiple passwords (and usernames) for different websites is the way to go. One way to do storing that information is by jotting it in a notepad (not secure) or you can get an app that handles the ‘headache’, like a charm. Meet SplashID, the solution to the problem.

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Create Ringtones on Your BlackBerry Using Ringtone Remix

From BerryReview:

There are not that many apps out there that let you make ringtones from your songs stored on your BlackBerry. The latest utility from Electric Pocket does just that for a very cheap $0.99 on sale from $2.99. You just chose the part of a song from your BlackBerry and it will cut it into a ringtone for you.

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Review: PhatPad for the iPad

From GottaBeMobile:

PhatPad for the iPad from Phatware comes as close as I’ve seen to creating an all in one Digital Inking Solution.
What do I mean by an all in one Digital Inking Solution? I’m talking about being able to take notes digitally with a dreaded stylus and having the choice to leave those notes as Ink or convert them to text with handwriting recognition. PhatPad for the iPad gives you that choice.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PhatPad for iPad Note-Taking, Brainstorming App

From iPad News Hub:

There’s quite a handful of note-taking apps for iPad but none of them is probably as good as PhatPad for one simple reason. PhatPad also serves as a brainstorming tool – and a great one at that. You can grab this useful note-taking and brainstorming app for your iPad from the App Store now for only $4.99. It’s a launch price, get it before it goes back ot its original price of $9.99.

If you’d ask me why you should get PhatPad for iPad, I could name several reasons. For one, the app employs a greatly accurate handwriting recognition technology. It does not only let you scribble notes but draw and type as well. After you’re done with your “masterpiece” you can then send it to anyone via email, Wi-Fi sync, Dropbox, or present it via PhatPad.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

SplashID – Password Manager – App Review

From Appdictions:

SplashID really takes security seriously with a 256-bit Blowfish encryption and automatic password generator to create hacker-proof passwords. We highly recommend this app to keep all your personal information safe and secure!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PhatPad: Advanced Notetaking for the iPad

From BNET:

If you want to maximize your iPad’s potential as a business tool, a good notetaking app is essential. PhatWare’s new PhatPad offers iPad notetaking on steroids, with features like handwriting recognition, shape recognition, document sharing, and more.

I especially like PhatPad’s option to sync documents with Dropbox. This is one seriously cool tool, with loads of useful features and an interface that’s easy to master after a few minutes of fiddling.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

SplashID KeySafe Unlocks Your Cold, Security-Obsessed Heart

From GearDiary:

Well, now, what do we have here? Generally a software company, SplashData has now taken one of their best known software products and merged it with a hardware product. The SplashID Key Safe is a 2 GB USB drive made to fit on your keychain, but featuring a portable version of SplashData’s well-known password protection program, SplashID. We’ve reviewed various incarnations of SplashID on this site a number of times in the past and we’ve always had good impressions of it. I’ve always liked SplashID because it’s available for so many different platforms.

The Key Safe includes many of the features of the desktop version of SplashID, such as:

  • The same password generator as the mobile and desktop versions
  • Both Blowfish and AES encryption methods
  • Three ways to view your records: View, Panel and Tree views
  • Database sync, enabling advanced users to select multiple databases to synchronize with on the desktop and easily share data with other users, even across a network

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Personal Finance Apps for the iPad

From TabletPCReview:

SplashMoney is the last of the Quicken-style apps in our roundup, and in some ways it is the most polished. Like many of the others, budgeting and graphing features are included, but SplashMoney simplifies these to perfection -- concise, but still extremely useful, with your financial status available at a glance.

Once you set up your accounts and start entering transactions, you'll find that things keep getting easier and easier. Once you've set up a payee or a custom category or a recurring transaction, entries can be completed in just a couple of taps. That streamlined process is much appreciated, especially after seeing how convoluted that process can become in some other finance apps.

I also appreciate SplashMoney's ability to create custom reports by category, for a certain time period, for multiple accounts or for just one. If your financial institution allows it, you can even set up direct download for your accounts, so that you don't have to enter any transactions at all. There is also a desktop companion application available as a separate purchase, if you would like the flexibility of being able to manage your money on your iPad and your desktop. SplashMoney is a very good choice, and is definitely a powerful contender in this category.

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GoodReader For iPad Update Makes A Great App Better

From AppAdvice:

When the iPad debuted, GoodReader for iPad was the first non-Apple app to hit number one on the “Paid App” list. Now, the app has undergone a nice update. Because of this, its creators should also consider renaming it the GreatReader.

Created by Good.iWare Ltd., the app is for users that want a centralized place to view and analyze documents. These documents can reside on your computer, a mail server, or, to name a few.

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

GizmoFusion reviews iStoryApps Interactive iPad Stories for Children

From GizmoFusion:

Review of Chico to the Rescue - Another fantastic iStoryApp created by Apps of All Nations. This is such a great story, and the concept is amazing. If you have kids who love to read stories and are fascinated by your iPad, this is definitely for you! Instead of telling them that they can’t touch your iPad, why not have some together time using your iPad. It will hold their interest, and they will beg you to read the story over and over again!

Review of  Dog Detectives - Let me start off this “review” by saying that this is an amazing app, and it is definitely worth spending the $3.99 on this book. The music that goes along with the book is catchy and will have you tapping your toes from the minute you hear it. Each page of the story is filled with interactions, and the story itself is well written and original. As a future Early Childhood teacher, I love everything about this app. From the illustrations, to the story, and right down to the music.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Review: MailTones for iDevices

From JAMM:

Now, that the facts are on the table, what’s the verdict?  I find MailTones guilty as described – guilty of sorting my mail so I know who’s emailing, guilty for prioritizing my stuff, and finally guilty for making my life easier.  This product works for me!  Good stuff.  It helps me differentiate my email notifications from somebody else using an iDevice considering there are so many iPhone users these days.

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Keeping track of your wealth

From Bangkok Post:

There is a saying that "The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money". While such valuation may be difficult to measure, if you just want to measure and keep track of your monetary wealth, Splash Money from Splash Data certainly can help. In a nutshell, Splash Money lets you create accounts, enter transactions and review expense reports via both desktop and handheld devices. Creating an account is easy for Splash Money supports multiple account types, including checking, savings and credit cards. You can also create customised ones that suit your need.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ringo Pro Android App Review


Key feature of Ringo Pro is of course the functionality to assign ringtones to your contacts individually. You can use any MP3 as a ringtone as well as set individual tones for each of your contact and groups. The app has a good number of preloaded ringtones. And you can also use music files that you have on your Android phone’s music library. The app will fire up any file manager that you have installed on your phone to help you select music tracks on your phone.

For notifications, Ringo Pro will power up your SMS notifications by letting you set different tone for each contact’s messages and control LED color, pop-up notification and more.

And just recently, Ringo Pro was updated to include a nice notification feature. Aside from assigning personalize ringtones for each person in your contacts, the app also alerts you of incoming messages or calls by speaking the callers or texters. If you’re on the go, either driving or doing something else, this is a very nice feature.

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Are your passwords safe?

From Globe and Mail:

SplashID ($19.95) works for iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and phones running the Symbian Series 60 operating system. It, too, includes both desktop and mobile clients with two-way synchronization, and offers an encrypted repository for passwords, credit card numbers, software keys, PINs and so forth. It will also generate random passwords, and show how strong the ones you create really are. A 30-day trial version is available.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Review: SplashShopper – Lists for iPad

From Appdictions:

Do you like to be organized? Are you someone who wishes they were? Now with SplashShopper for the iPad, the ultimate smart list manager, you will become more organized! SplashShopper gives you the ability to manage lists like your groceries, gifts, work, leisure, travel, etc. With features like the built-in grocery list, 10 prepopulated list types, ability to create an unlimited number of customizable list, assign items to multiple stores and track per-store prices, easily manage and sync lists with your PC or Mac, and much more, this app brings the much needed organization we all need in our lives. SplashShopper would be especially helpful this holiday season and we highly recommend this app!!

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SplashShopper Named Among Top 50 iPad Apps for Shopping and Saving Money

From Datamation:

If you’re going to buy a shopping list app, buy one that you can use all year ‘round. Use this to make lists for groceries, music, movies, and more.

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