Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SplashPhoto Mobile Albums for iPhone = My New Best Friend

From JustAnotheriPhoneBlog:

One of the things I do most often with my iPhone – every day and usually several times per day – is transfer pictures from my iPhone to my desktop or Flickr (online photo sharing service). I transfer a lot of photos and screencaps from my iPhone every day, often in fairly big bunches (of 6-10 pics at a time).

So any app that streamlines the ‘process’ of doing this is very interesting to me. I wasn’t planning to post yet on SplashPhoto Mobile Albums, as I’ve only had it installed for less than 24 hours. But … it has already become my new best friend on the iPhone!

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Monday, March 30, 2009

FlipSide for BlackBerry review (in Italian)

If you can read this:

Flipside MP3 Player, prodotto da ElectricPocket, e' un programma per palmari BlackBerry RIM per la riproduzione di brani musicali nei formati piu' diffusi tra cui MP3, WMA e AAC. La nuova versione di Flipside introduce il supporto al modello BlackBerry Storm 9500. E' su questo modello che abbiamo testato questa applicazione che comunque ha le stesse funzionalità delle versioni disponibili per palmari BlackBerry tradizionali dotati di trackball. La versione per il BlackBerry Storm sfrutta ovviamente la possibilità di orientare lo schermo sia in orizzontale che in verticale.

You'll enjoy the FlipSide review by BlackBerryItalia.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review: File Magic

From JustAnotheriPhoneBlog:

The upcoming 3.0 firmware update for the iPhone is going to fix and improve a lot of things on our favourite device, but there’s still something missing that only a hardware upgrade can fix — well, either a hardware upgrade or File Magic. I’m talking about transferring files to a phone with no USB mass storage capability and a closed-off file system that is illegal to "jailbreak". I get that Apple wants stability, but there are times when the ability to transfer a file to or from the iPhone would be a life saver.

File Magic offers syncing capability with a desktop or another iPhone, and what’s more — it does all the transfers wirelessly over wi-fi. Interested? Hit the jump for more.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

SplashID for iPhone review

From iPhoneApplicationList:

It's one of the biggest headaches of the modern world, and yet there seem to be relatively few tools that really help. I'm talking about data security, specifically your private data: the PINs, the account numbers, the serial numbers, the passwords, of which most of us have several hundred. Some people get by by writing these things on 'bits of paper'. Others put it all in plain text in their Contacts. But you, the informed power user, can manage your data properly AND keep it safe from prying eyes. At least, you can, now that you've got SplashID.

Now there are plenty of so-called secure database utilities. Applications that let you enter data and encrypt it from others. So far so good. But are you really going to sit there typing ALL your private information into your phone? I thought not. For an average user, with hundreds of private entries, the only practical solution is to enter the data in the first place over on your desktop PC or Mac, either by typing on your full sized keyboard, by pasting text in from other sources, or by direct import from another desktop database system. And here comes the crunch. You now need to sync this all over to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

This is the point where most secure utilities fall down - they exist only on the phone. Or only on the desktop. But SplashID scores heavily by existing on both, and with a foolproof 'sync over Wi-Fi' feature. Of course, you can still enter new entries or amend existing ones on the phone - all changes get synced seamlessly over to the desktop version on your next sync. Kicking off such a sync is as easy as tapping on its front screen icon. It's immediate too, as your desktop is scanned for, found via Wi-Fi and data from the Desktop version of SplashID used to sync with.

Sticking to the iPhone style guide, only four functions are on the main SplashID toolbar, with SplashData deciding to hide everything else behind a 'Tools' button - this makes sense and you shouldn't need to delve into this part of the interface very often. The standard toolbar offers Search, Add, Lock and Sync, certainly the four things you'll use most often.

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File Magic for iPhone review

From Frapstr:

To begin with this is from SplashData, whom I regard as one of the authorities on mobile productivity apps. I used their apps on the Palm platform. I used them on Windows Mobile. They’ve been at it a long time, they know what they’re doing, and they do it well, so I expect their iPhone applications to be just as useful and robust — and they are. But apart from the trust factor, what sets this apart from the rest? Let’s start with connectivity. File Magic requires that you install the File Magic Desktop Companion app from their website (free, MacOS or Windows). What, no VNC connection? Nope. And for one good reason: Bonjour. File Magic uses the zero-configuration networking capabilities found in Apple’s Bonjour system. This means that File Magic will automatically detect and connect to the Desktop Companion over without a single thing to configure ever.

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S60.at Reviews SplashID

If you can understand this...

Der 'Secure Password Manager' SplashID ist ein Passwort-geschützter und verschlüsselter Platz für sensible Informationen aller Art - beispielsweise Passwörter, Kreditkarten-Daten, Zugangscodes, Bankdaten oder PINs.

Read the full review here.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to forward text messages to your email inbox

From MobilitySite:

When I was asked to review TxtForward, I had to stop and think about why I would want my text messages forwarded to my email inbox. Isn’t text messaging handy enough without cluttering up an already overburdened email inbox?

TxtForward is an application that will automatically forward your text messages to any email address you specify. You can determine if you want inbound, outbound or both forwarded.
Scratching my head, I began to ponder the possible benefits of forwarded text messages to an email address. The more I thought about it, the more benefits I conceived.

Also at SmartphoneMag.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review: File Magic for iPhone and iPod touch

From Geek.com:

In my tests I dragged over a bunch of videos, photos, MP3s, Word Docs, PDFs and even some text docs. One of the most impressive things was dragging an entire event from iPhoto to the File Magic interface on my desktop. Within seconds it synced all of the photos to my iPhone and they were immediately viewable in the File Magic application. This was a nice alternative to having to select the Event in iPhoto and then sync the iPhone just to get some pictures over.

My favorite part of File Magic, though, is the way it handles video. I’ve had more than my share of issues getting videos over to my iPhone, especially home-made ones. In the case of File Magic, I shot videos of my kids with the Flip MinoHD, opened them in QuickTime, saved them for iPhone, and then dragged them to File Magic. I then was able to show my newly created videos to a bunch of family and friends and all without having to go through the process of syncing my iPhone again.

I recently purchased an iPhone for my wife and the latest version of File Magic now allows two iPhones to sync files back and forth. You can bet that my wife will want the videos of our kids in action and it will be great to just put the two iPhones together to get the files form one iPhone to the other.

If you have an iPhone this is definitely a must-have application, especially since you can not only transfer files from one iPhone to the other, but can also use File Magic to bring a file from one computer to another (and even from PC to Mac) via the iPhone.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

File Magic Syncs Files from Desktop to iPhone, Including Wireless

From LouisGray.com:

The more I add applications to the iPhone, I have to ask myself if there is anything this Cupertino-born handset can't do. With the newest introduction of File Magic, from SplashData, I can now leverage available storage space on the iPhone to synchronize any kind of documents, videos, music or graphics, through the power of drag and drop, or even wireless syncing.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

File Magic Makes iPhone File Transferring Easy

From AppleiPhoneApps.com:

SplashData’s File Magic recently received an update that adds a few new features including the ability to transfer files between two iPhones, making the application even more appealing to folks who feel the need to turn their iPhone into a mobile storage device.

When File Magic was initially released, it simply offered a way to transfer various files between a computer and an iPhone. File Magic pairs up with SplashData’s desktop application which is available as a free download, to allow simple drag and drop file transfers. With the recently released 2.0 update, File Magic is able to do even more.To transfer files between two iPhones, both devices need to have File Magic installed and updated, and they both must be on the same Wi-Fi network. If both users are not on the same network, File Magic now gives users the ability to email their files as attachments.

The update also adds password protection for files stored in File Magic for the overly cautious crowd.

The list of supported files is pretty impressive. File Magic supports almost every type of text, video, music and image file format you could imagine. iPhone supported file types can also be displayed on the device itself.

File Magic currently retails for $4.99 at the App Store. If you were previously on the fence about purchasing such an application, File Magic’s new features should help make that decision a bit easier.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

WSJ: Barnes & Noble Buys Fictionwise

From Wall Street Journal:

Barnes & Noble Inc. (BKS) acquired Fictionwise, a leading retailer of electronic books, and said it will launch a new e-bookstore this year, as the e- book market heats up.

The purchase, for $15.7 million, comes only a few days after Amazon.com Inc. ( AMZN), the country's largest online bookseller, said it is making its Kindle e- books available for reading on Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

"We bought Fictionwise because we like how they've approached the digital and e-book markets," said William Lynch Jr., president and chief operating officer of Barnes&Noble.com. "They have one of the most popular applications on the iPhone, and they really understand merchandising. They also have a lot of institutional knowledge about this space."

See more on:

New York Times
Washington Post
Motley Fool

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SplashShopper for BlackBerry review

From PDA-247:

SplashShopper is almost legendary in the PDA world and have been the staple list manager for many thousands of mobile users over the past few years. It has now arrived on the BlackBerry platform, so I guess this is a good time to test it out and see how well it performs.

As you would expect, a Windows desktop version is included and the asking price for the complete set up is $29.95, or $59.95 when bought in the SplashWallet suite which also includes SplashID, SplashPhoto and SplashMoney. I think the price is reasonable considering the potential benefits of this title and the pricing of equivalent BlackBerry titles.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Ringo Adds the Right Tunes to Your Tones

From PalmAddicts:

Looking for a bit of fun without the heavy hit to the wallet? Then Ringo from electricpocket.com is for you. Ringo is a small, easy to use program that uses any MP3 file as a ring tone or an SMS alert. Better yet, Ringo allows the owner to use custom ring tones or SMS alerts for any person in the contacts list OR even a whole category of people. Getting calls from swabbies from the local naval base? Make a category that plays Popeye the Sailor Man. Your university-aged kids are calling, again. You know why. So make their ring tone the intro to Abba’s Money Money. Mother-in-law? Theme from Friday the 13th. (For those with a great in-law like mine, try Handel’s Hallelujah chorus). Personally, I was able to switch from a less exciting MIDI file of Phantom of the Opera as the default tone to the real deal from the movie - a full orchestra cut from the opening scenes. Those with good MIDI files still can use them via Ringo so no loss here.

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SplashShopper review

From PalmAddicts:

SplashShopper is a shopping list manager that's available for PalmOS, Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, and MacOSX. If you haven't tried out a shopping list on your smartphone, why not?! There just isn't a better, more convenient place to put your shopping list, and with SplashShopper available for so many platforms, you've just run out of excuses. Go grab the 30-day trial, then come back and finish my review.SplashShopper is a one-stop-shop for all your list making needs. To get you started, SplashData has included a handful of example lists ranging from Books, Movies, and Music to the all-important Groceries. They've even populated these example lists with a number of items to get you started, which is especially helpful with a grocery list. Now, anyone who's been reading my PalmAddict posts long enough probably knows how much I like making lists. Natara Bonsai is pretty much my favorite piece of software. But for handling shopping lists, you go to a dedicated shopping list app. And, remarkably, SplashShopper has more features than this compulsive list-maker can use.Each item in your list can contain a name, a store, a category, two custom fields (for groceries, Splashdata has suggested a description and an aisle), a quantity and unit of measure, a price and a note. Considering the number of fields in this database, Splashdata has wisely incorporated both an auto-fill feature, and a customizable fly-down list for each field. Despite this complexity, adding new items to your grocery list is pretty quick and easy. If you are an even more compulsive person than I am (astounding, really, but possible), you might actually track the price and aisle information of every item on your shopping list. By doing so, SplashShopper can give you a quick total cost estimate, or even organize your list by aisle, so you can shop more efficiently. That greatly exceeds my needs, but it's terrific to see that sort of attention to detail.

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Video review of File Magic for iPhone

From BuyMeAniPhone:

A great video review of SplashData's File Magic for iPhone.

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HanDBase for BlackBerry Review

From Berrytastic:

Overall once you get over the starting hurdles and set your databases up and get used to the interface this is an extremly powerful programme and well worth the asking price for anyone who used databases but it does have its flaws. For marks out of 10 I would give 7.5 and really look forward to following the updates of this great programme.

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