Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mashable Video: SplashData's annual Worst Passwords List

Video from Mashable:
Sometimes it’s good to be like everyone else — but when it comes to choosing a password, we should all strive to be as unique as possible.
More people choose “password” than any other word or phrase to secure their accounts, according to a recent study. In case you haven’t taken the hint, that makes password the absolute worst string of characters you can chose to protect your online identity.
SplashData has just released its annual list of the worst passwords, which features the most common phrases used on the Internet and posted by hackers.
The three worst passwords haven’t changed since 2011; they’re password, 123456 and 12345678. The new worst passwords added to this year’s list include welcome, jesus, ninja, mustang and password1.

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