Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HanDBase for iPhone Contest

A HanDBase Giveaway over at TUAW:

Back in November, we treated TUAW readers to a full review of HanDBase from DDH Software. HanDBase is a full relational database for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms, and it's easy to set it up to keep track of just about everything in your life. DDH Software and TUAW have joined forces to let a lucky TUAW reader win a copy of HanDBase for iPhone plus their choice of either the PC Desktop and Desktop Conduit, or the Mac Desktop and the upcoming Desktop Conduit for Mac. You can read about the different versions of HanDBase here. What do you need to do to enter? Just leave a comment with your idea for a database that you'd create with HanDBase on your iPhone or iPod touch. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your creative answers!

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File Magic for iPhone

From Gear Diary:

Earlier this month SplashData released File Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch. This software makes copying your data between desktop and iPhone or iPod Touch a snap. Using your wireless network files can be dragged from either MAC or PC to the free desktop client where they are then sync’d to File Magic. Once on your device the various file types (.doc, .docx, htm and html, pdf, ppt and pptx, txt, xls and xlsw, mp3, aac, wav, m4v). Feedback in the store is good with most users commenting on the ease of use versus other similar programs.

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SplashShopper Review

From PalmAddicts:

SplashShopper provides a clean interface of an extremely useful data manager. The roots are obviously a glorified grocery shopping list, but the possibilities are really quite diverse given the great way in which the program is laid out. Need to organize a library (eg: books, magazines,, etc., those things you hold in your hand, curl the edges of the pages, write in the margins, etc.), SplashShoppper has a way to do it.

Trying to single-handedly break the recession by going on a shopping spree to end all shopping sprees, but still want the best price? This software helps you to organize what you saw, where, at which price. Doesn’t have to clothes and shoes; it could be software and gadgets on main street or the ‘net. Decided to move up from Bacardi Breezers to bottles of wine which have a label that don’t attract the local winos to your side? This software can help you remember the name, vintage, price, place of purchase, etc.

The programmers had a bit of fun as well by including a wide choice of icons to show which things on the “All” list have been chosen to go on the “Need” list. Nine possible columns of information can be seen, and the user can choose to sort the list you’ve created by whichever column you’d like. Probably you’d only show three or four at a time, but that still gives a great deal of flexibility. Preplanned categories of lists include Books, Chinese Food, Clothes, Gifts, Groceries, Movies, Music, Travel Checklist, and Wine.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

File Magic for iPhone review

From WhatsoniPhone:

Applications that allow you to transfer files from your Mac or PC to your iPhone or iPod Touch and back again aren't unusual these days. There are many currently available and a number are quite good. File Magic comes a little bit late to the game but it's clear that the folks at SplashData took their time to think through how to best manage this task and have come up with one of, if not the best, solutions.

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FlipSide video review

From BlackBerryRocks:


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Thursday, January 15, 2009

SplashID: Password Security review

From Tre Lawrence:

All in all, it was easy to remember why I loved this program on my Palm, and why it should be essential on your handheld. The interoperability of the desktop and handheld units is a great idea; it allows for two methods of data entry. The auto-fill feature helps thwart keylogging.
Having a secure database that can store even birthdays is priceless, and I highly recommend this to anyone who has more than one password to remember.

Also published at PinStack.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Review: FlipSide for BlackBerry

From BlackBerryInsight:

The FlipSide player is an essential tool for any music fanatic and manages to improve the output of he Blackberry phone. It is compatible with almost any Blackberry that comes with a trackball and its user friendliness and support give it a large fan base.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

MobilityNewswire announces facelift in time for CES

MobilityNewswire offers a comprehensive news distribution service for companies and organizations that need to effectively disseminate their press releases to applicable media outlets and relevant consumers. The new turn-key system, available at www.mobilitynewswire.com, has been the first newswire solely dedicated to supporting the mobile computing/wireless industry. The website offers a fresh new face and a RSS feed for journalists and consumers to be among the first to receive breaking mobile technology news.

"We are pleased Talon has selected PRWeb as the exclusive distribution channel for its mobile technology clients," said Bill Wagner, chief marketing officer of Vocus, Inc., the parent company of PRWeb. "By combining MobilityNewswire and PRWeb, the mobile computing and wireless communications industry has a very a powerful and targeted press release distribution solution to help them raise their online visibility."

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

SplashID securing your information

From BlackBerryInsight:

Thinking of how to manage your passwords, frequent flyer numbers and credit card numbers? Here’s how! SplashID provides you an easy and quick access to all the personal identification information. It is an application that handles all the important and vital information by securely storing it. The personal date might include usernames, calling cards, passwords for various software, credit card numbers, bank accounts, insurance information and PIN data. SplashID makes sure that all the essential and vital data is stored in an encrypted and secure format using passwords. It also enables easy handling and synchronization with the SplashID on desktop.

SplashID for Blackberry users has been a big hit with over five hundred thousand users around the world. Its secure way of working defines its success in the current market.

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SplashID for BlackBerry Review

From Morning Paper:

This is one of the more simple and easy reviews that I will do all year. Since I have already reviewed SplashID for Palm seveal times, I know this title pretty well. But having left the PalmOS for the Blackberry world, there was a short time that I also had to leave SplashID behind as well. That time passed with the release of SplashID for the Blackberry OS.

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SplashShopper for BlackBerry helps organize both shopping and gift giving

From GearDiary:

SplashShopper is a brilliant little program I use on both my iPhone and BlackBerry. The software organizes my grocery list and holiday gift giving. In the past I’ve done a lot of last minute buying only because I’d failed to make a proper list leading up to the holidays. Not so this year. I’ve tailored SplashShopper as outlined on the next page - to track the people who I need to buy gifts for.SplashShopper allows for multiple lists. As you can see from the following screen shot, it can be tailored to track your CD list, clothing, wine and even book collection.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Quick Review: FlipSide for BlackBerry

From PDA-247:

Devices like the BlackBerry Bold and Storm have incredibly good audio quality, but the built-in music software is nothing more than a list of the albums and songs you have installed. It works quite efficiently with the trackball, but could do with some sprucing up when you compare it to the iPhone etc.

FlipSide from ElectricPocket does the ‘sprucing up’ for BlackBerry owners and provides a rich experience that takes searching through large amounts of music and gathering extra information to a new and surprisingly gratifying level. I have many, many albums loaded on my Bold and a quick experiment of attempting to download album art proved very successful. Of over 100 albums, only 4 could not be found and many of my albums are what you may call slightly obscure. When you click on an album cover the tracks contained within are listed, and you then scroll through them to choose the one you wish to play. I tried to do a screenshot of the track listing, but snapscreen just removed the listing before the shot was taken?

Choosing FlipSide Extras from the menu will take you to a page at last.fm detailing release information and recommendations for similar music. This appears to then link to Wikipedia for further information and the whole process works very well indeed.

FlipSide does not change the way the music sounds and is in practice no quicker than the built-in music software, but it changes the ‘experience’ of playing music on a mobile device and is now my preferred method of mobile music management. It is good value for $19.95 and adds a touch of class to any business orientated BlackBerry. Also available for Windows Mobile devices.

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Celebrating the New Year with Prizes Galore

From CrackBerry:

To help get 2009 off to a good start, one of our favorite BlackBerry software developers, Electric Pocket, is offering CrackBerry members a chance to win one of their best selling apps:

FlipSide - MP3 player that enables you to swoosh through the album covers of your tune collection
PhoneFace speed dialer - flip through pics of your most-called friends and family to launch a call or text message
Ringo - manage your ringtones (assign tones to individual callers or groups of callers) and turn your favorite MP3s into ringtones
txtForward - automatically forward your text messages to any email address

From Berry Review:

Happy New Year! Have you made your New Year Resolutions yet? We at BerryReview want to help you welcome 2009 with a great giveaway from Electric Pocket, the developer of some of the best and most popular BlackBerry apps.

Tell us how you are going to use your BlackBerry to keep your New Year Resolutions in the comments and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of the four Electric Pocket applications listed below...

From BlackBerrySync:

Can you believe its 2009? Well just like last year we’re holding our Ringing in the New Year BlackBerry Sync Style Contest. The nice folks from Electric Pocket and SplashData are giving us free BlackBerry apps to giveaway! We have a total of 21 BlackBerry apps to giveaway. Three copies of each: Flipside, Ringo, PhoneFace, txtForward, SplashID, SplashShopper, and SplashMoney.

From PinStack:

Thanks to Electric Pocket, SplashData and DDH Software, we are giving away 24 software applications for your Smartphone! This contest is open to all BlackBerry, iPhone, WM and Palm users!

From MiBlackBerry:

La gente de ElectricPocket, SplashData y DDH Software nos quiere ayudar en contestar la pregunta de ser más eficiente y productivo con nuestro dispositivo BlackBerry y antes de finalizar el año regalamos 2 licencias de cada unos de los siguientes productos de software, todos ellos líderes en sus categorías...

From BlackBerryRocks:

I recently posted a review for FlipSide, one of my favorite MP3 players. I also have a review for txtForward and PhoneFace Speed-dial. These BlackBerry applications (as well as Ringo Ringtone Manager) are products of Electric Pocket, a Welsh company that has emerged as one of the top developers of BlackBerry software after a decade of creating very successful apps for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices.

Electric Pocket is donating copies of their top-sellers as prizes. Leave a comment below about how you’ll use your BlackBerry to keep your New Years resolutions and you’re automatically entered to win a very cool prize from Electric Pocket!

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SplashWallet bundle works for securing your "mind"

From PalmAddicts:

Everyone I know will describe me as a genius when it comes to remembering technical data or procedures, but when I try to manage money or passwords, I become a deer in headlights. About a year ago, I got SplashID for my Palm to store my passwords and keys for work and home, and I don't load up a smartphone without it.

About a month ago, I received a BlackBerry Bold from my employer (lucky me, I know), and I began to understand what all the Crackberry addicts love about it, but something just kept bugging me about the built in password manager. It wasn't near as robust as SplashID, so I went to upgrade to SplashID for Blackberry.

When I got to the site, something told me to take a peek at the other software in the SplashWallet Suite that they offer. I wanted to get SplashMoney anyway, so for the price of 2, I got 4 pieces of software!

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

SplashWallet reviewed - Part Two

From The Gadgeteer:

OK, for everyone who remembers Part 1 of this review from way back last year, you should recall that SplashData’s SplashWallet is a package of four great utilities for $59.95 - SplashMoney and SplashShopper, reviewed last time, and SplashID and SplashPhoto, which we will look at today.

These two applications really live up the idea of a ‘digital wallet’ in that they bring to your Palm functions that your wallet usually does, but better. For example, SplashID not only holds your private info but it encrypts it and SplashPhoto can show photos as slide shows.

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SplashTravel Delivers Real-Time Info for Treo Users

From Travel Product Guide:

Information is king, especially when you’re traveling. If you don’t have access to your laptop, you don’t have to be cut out of the informational loop.

For Palm OS-based PDA’s and smart phones (like the Treo), SplashData’s SplashTravel Professional Edition offers real-time flight, weather, and currency data. With this software you’ll be able to check flight delays, get your departure gate information, and find out whether it will be sunny or snowy at your destination, or find out how much the dollar to euro value has changed.
You’ll also get a list of additional travel tools that let you create multiple packing lists, track expenses (useful for filling out expense reports), currency converters, and a variety of other destination information.

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