Friday, February 06, 2009

SplashMoney review

From Mobile Ministry Magazine:

SplashMoney is yet another component of SplashWallet from SplashData, and is aimed at being a mobile financial manager. And boy, does it deliver...

Just like its sister app SplashID, it comes in a dual package: a handheld utility and a syncable desktop companion. Both are full-fledged and combine to give the user the ability to manage financial matters on the go.To start, SplashMoney serves as a secure, password-protected repository of your sensitive data. Each account you have can be entered by type and account number. In this sense, it is the complete financial ledger; you can input financial transactions as they occur. Instead of carrying a check register, you can do it electronically on your smartphone, as this is a complete check Register.

Now, what really sets SplashMoney apart is its online capabilities. SplashMoney, on both the desktop and the handheld (with online access), has the ability to go online and retrieve complete banking information from some major banks.

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