Friday, May 28, 2010

Need Help Keeping Track Of All Of Your Current And Future Books? Try BookLover

From AppAdvice:

During my test period with the BookLover, I added about 12 books to see just how many it would be able to come up with book cover art for and, surprisingly, every single time it brought up the appropriate one. Additionally, during manual entry, I didn’t even have to add an author name, just a title, and it was able to easily fill in the blanks.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Review: GoodReader

From MacNN:

GoodReader supports text PDF, and image files, spreadsheets, video and audio files, as well as other types of large documents. You can load documents in a number of ways and organize them in folders.

When you want to read or view a variety of documents on your iPad, GoodReader presents a popular solution. It supports text PDF, and image files, spreadsheets, video and audio files, as well as other types of large documents.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BookLover iPhone App Makes It Simple To Maintain A To-Read List

From Gizmodo:

The app automatically retrieves book cover and synopsis information for books you add to your shelf and has room for categories, notes, reviews, bookmarks, and suggestions. If you want to show off your highly intellectual reading habits, you can also quickly share information on your Facebook Wall or via email.

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BookLover helps you keep track of your books

From Macworld:

BookLover features the now familiar virtual bookshelf, which houses all the books you’ve read and added to your library. The app can automatically download cover art for books based on the title you enter. There is also a wish-list to keep track of books that are next on your reading list. Rounding up the features are some sharing options that allow you to make notes about the books you’ve already read and publish them to your Facebook wall or e-mail them to friends.

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BugMe for iPhone and iPad

From Macworld:

Electric Pocket’s BugMe is an unusual app. Its home screen features an image of a cork board, upon which you post sticky notes, which you can create using a variety of tools. Sticky notes on a corkboard? That’s a mixed visual metaphor, for sure, but it’s also a signifier: you can do a whole lot more with BugMe’s digital stickies than you can with the paper ones, or the Mac’s Stickies program.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Electric Pocket Announces Release of BookLover for iPhone (and iPod touch)

From RazorianFly:

Building on the shoulders of Apple’s recently released iBookstore, mobile solutions company @, also the developers behind @, have today announced the release of their book cataloging app BookLover.

Designed to look and feel like a real bookcase, BookLover allows users to store and catalog books they are currently reading, books they have seen and would like to read and books they have seen and would like to share with friends.

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[App Review] BugMe! Ink Notes & Alarms for iPad

From MobilePadNews:

BugMe! takes the post-it note to the next level with notifications. Be it you'd like to share these notes with a -lot- of people, it can be sent to Twitter. If you want to share it with a friend privately, they can be shared via e-mail. Say you really are proud of your post-it note masterpiece? You can save it to your photo gallery or even your home screen. Lastly, alarms can be set up to remind yourself of a particular note. This feature now works even when BugMe! isn't running, which is a welcome update. BugMe now supports push notifications so you can get reminded at all times.

For those late-nite notes, BugMe! has been a god-send. I personally love the fact I can messily doodle my notes up and ship them off to myself for posterity via e-mail or even twitter.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review: GoodReader Document Reader

From Just Another Mobile Monday (JAMM):

GoodReader is one of the apps that was made for the iPad before the iPad was even made.  It was great on the iPhone, but with the added screen real estate and horsepower of the iPad, it is a must-have app that proudly sits in the dock on my iPad.  For $0.99, it is an absolute steal, so if you have an iPad head on over to the App Store and download GoodReader today.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

50 Coolest iPad Apps (So Far)

From Datamation:

The iPad is ideal for reading, and GoodReader is the best way to read any type of document. Wirelessly transfer Office, PDF, or text documents and read them with a full screen view.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

GoodReader for iPad

From Macworld and BusinessWeek:

A while back I reviewed GoodReader for the iPhone, and thought it was a superb app. In adapting the file importing and viewing (and listening) app to the iPad, Good.iWare has hit a home run. The app works as easily and smoothly as the iPhone version, and it has a few extra tricks up its sleeve for good measure.

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JAMM Interviews Good.iWare's Yuri Selukoff

From Just Another Mobile Monday:

We are starting off the second round of the JAMM Developer Interview Series with Yuri Selukoff.  Yuri is the mastmermind behind the software development company Good.iWare.  Their flagship program, GoodReader, is a huge success in the iTunes App Store.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Smartphones offer businesses new connections with customers

From Medill Reports:

Earthcomber LLC president Jim Brady thinks more new apps are creating a competitive market, forcing the industry to evolve and pushing companies to address their customers' needs in distinctive ways.

“You have to experiment with the characteristics of what works with your company,” Brady states. “Some are good for social networks, others might be utilitarian and others, promotional. There’s a lot more ways to connect.”

The Earthcomber app, which costs companies a monthly subscription fee of only $25, allows users to personalize information so their phone can alert them when their favorite locations or products are nearby.

“It fits the American lifestyle,” Brady says. “Out and about, in the moment, with money, in the area, and ready to make a decision. That’s the new audience.”


Friday, May 07, 2010

Going Paperless: Five Apps and Services for the iPad That Can Help Publishers Work Smarter

From Huffington Post:

It might seem obvious now to anyone who has looked at the App Store's best-seller list since the iPad went on sale, but when I first started looking around, GoodReader was a dark horse app, not one of the top-selling paid apps. Right away, I knew that this app was going to be a mainstay on my iPad. And their almost instantaneous release of the iPad-optimized version (with fast updates since the launch) shows they are paying attention to their users' needs.

Unlike the ebook-reading side of my workflow, this part works very smoothly, thanks to GoodReader's beneath-the-scenes programming. It is one of the first apps designed to take advantage of inter-app data sharing on the iPad.

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iPad: View and store docs on your iPad with GoodReader

From ZDNet's Mobile Gadgeteer:

While the support listed above is cool enough, the feature that makes GoodReader a must-have on my iPad is its support for Apple’s Document Sharing. The support allows you to not only launch and view the document on your iPad from compatible applications (such as Apple’s Mail client) but also store it inside of GoodReader. So, no more hunting for that doc in your Mail the next time you fire up your iPad. Instead, just launch GoodReader and your previously launched docs are sitting safely in GoodReader’s interface.

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iPhone app review: GoodReader

From MobileCrunch:

With the PDF Reflow feature, reading your documents is a pleasure because it extracts pure text from PDF files and automatically wraps words. This amazing feature fits all of the text to your screen perfectly. That means you never have to scroll left and right to read the text.

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Problems with Passwords

From Corp Magazine:

While the cost for breaches of security when it comes to passwords, account numbers, PINs and web logins requires solutions, the solutions themselves raise problems for IT managers.

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Review: SplashID for webOS


"...(SplashID) ultimately does a great job at what it was designed to be –a keeper of account information to keep the forgetful amongst us safer in the online world by enabling us to use a unique, complex password for each and every account we possess. Combine that with the unique backup and restore functionality, and you have an app that’s hard to pass up."

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

SplashID on iPad

From Morning Paper:

SplashID has been a stable app on my Macs for as long as I can remember. I use the app on my Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch and HTC Hero, and I can tell you that i love it on all of them! Now anyone with an iPad can get the comfort and ease of use offered up by SplashData through SplashID.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

QuickAdvice: BugMe! Sticky Notes & Alarms For iPad


BugMe! for iPad is easily worth the $.99 Electric Pocket is currently asking for the app mainly because of its ability to save notes to the springboard. The other features like alarms, ability to post notes to Twitter, and customize notes are just icing on the note-taking cake.

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BugMe now available for iPad

From MobileCrunch:

Like every other tech blogger, I’ve been flooded with press releases about apps that are now available for the iPad. I’ve been underwhelmed, on the whole, with “news” of app updates for iPad compatibility but word came to me recently that BugMe had been approved for the iPad. That got me thinking about my review of BugMe for the iPhone.

My chief complaint in my review was that trying to write on the iPhone screen was too limited. That complaint vanishes completely with the iPad’s ample screen space. Also, the latest version of Bug Me includes an on-screen keyboard for both iPhone and iPad, so that you can type notes rather than handwrite them. Progress! This might be a useful little app for families sharing an iPad in the living room: no longer do you need to put a sticky note on the fridge, instead just jot down your note on the iPad and leave it out!

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Apple iPad Version of BugMe!

From Product Reviews:

UK based Electric Pocket have given the app a major update for the iPad version, which now includes the famous “Quick Alarms”, that makes it simple for users to choose a time to get “bugged”.

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