Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Look: File Magic 2.0 for iPhone

From TUAW:

If there's a genre of iPhone app that's even more prevalent than fart apps, it's file transfer and viewing apps.
File Magic 2.0 (click opens iTunes) is the newest entry into this market from SplashData, an app development firm with years of history in the mobile space. As with the other apps of this type, File Magic provides a way to send files from a Mac or PC to an iPhone or iPod touch, then view those files on the handheld.
For those of you who are using Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, you'll be happy to know that File Magic supports the XML-based .xlsx, .docx, and .pptx file formats for viewing, as well as a number of other document, sound, image, and video file formats.

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SplashPhoto for iPhone review

From Frapstr:

SplashPhoto is a photo organizer and manager with sync capabilities between the desktop and the iPhone. It is intended to let you manage all of your device’s photos and keep them organized in one place, properly synchronized between your desktop and handheld. Yes, yes, iTunes can sync photos too, but let’s face it: Its photo capabilities stink like a Chinese restaurant’s dumpster in the hot sun carried on a strong wind. Sure, you can access your iPhone’s camera roll when it’s docked just like you would any other digital camera, but that’s all manual management. What SplashPhoto brings to the table is a proper image manager with the capability to import images from your camera roll and file them away in your own categories, thus allowing you to organize them the way you want. Those categories, and the images therein, can be synchronized with the desktop.

Furthermore, SplashPhoto also allows you to sync up your Picasa and/or Flickr libraries in the same way; all you need to do is give it your login and password for each and it will allow you to download photos from your online account, or upload photos from your device. This way you can share them with anyone online — and also eliminate any purpose-built apps you may have on your springboard that are designed to do the same thing with your online photo accounts.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

SplashNotes for iPhone review

From Frapstr:

I’ve said before that I rather like SplashData’s apps, and I do, although I haven’t used a wide range of them. SplashNotes Outliner is one of those things that I hadn’t used before and really hadn’t even given much thought to, but now that I’ve had a chance to play with it, I rather like it.

SplashNotes Outliner is one of the last of SplashData’s apps to make the transition to the iPhone platform (the other I’ll be reviewing tomorrow), which makes their application library complete on the iPhone now. SplashNotes Outliner is essentially a list maker for whatever purposes you’d need a list maker for: Presentation sections, a list of talking points in a meeting, to-do lists, shopping lists — just about anything that should have bullet points beside it. I’ve actually started using this exclusively for my review queue and shopping lists now.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

GearDiary takes on SplashPhoto and PhoneFace

SplashPhoto review at GearDiary...

I’ve been testing out SplashPhoto for iPhone for the last few weeks. Until this application I’d been emailing all my photos to Flickr which generally works ok except that the process can be a cumbersome one. SplashPhoto makes the management of your photos especially easy for anyone who uses either Flickr or Picasa (the two web photo management sites supported) because you can upload multiple photos at one time instead of the cumbersome one-by-one process that email demands.

SplashPhoto allows for geotagging (recording the exact location) your photos. You can also move them between different albums on your handheld as well as upload bunchs of photos at one time to either Flickr or Picasa.

PhoneFace, with Twitter support, at GearDiary...

PhoneFace has now added Twitter support, enabling you to call, email, or send an SMS to your contacts by flipping through photos.

You have the choice of loading a photo you’ve taken with your smartphone’s camera, or by selecting the option to use either their Twitter or Facebook profile pic.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PhoneFace for BlackBerry review

From BlackBerrySync:

PhoneFace is a software app for the BlackBerry that allows you to flip through pictures to dial. It is under $10 and is to speed-dialing what FlipSide is to mp3’s. I installed this application on my Curve 8330, and tested it out. The description of the program states that it allows you to scroll through your contacts by their full-color pictures. You can call, text, pin, or email your contacts. You can also combine your Facebook and Twitter profiles to find the best picture.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

SplashID review

From Smartphone Daily:

We have so many passwords to remember these days. Now you can keep them stored all securely on your BlackBerryWe’ll be installing SplashID on your BlackBerry and computer so you can carry around confidential information in complete safety. Once SplashID’s been installed you can enter the information on your computer or BlackBerry and have that information synchronised between the two.

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File Magic review

From BrightHub:

Once you get the computer to handheld or handheld to handheld connection working, File Magic works well. It's easy to use because of the simple interface. If you need to carry and read files of most major formats, File Magic provides an easy way to do it.

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File Magic for iPhone review

From MobileTechAddicts:

SplashData was making apps for Palm and Windows Mobile for years and now they make software also for iPhone and by software we mean: many programs, not just few. Here we are reviewing File Magic app for iPhone, that makes it possible to copy files between PC (or Mac) and iPhone, and to view these files on iPhone. Each application in iPhone has its own files and no access to files of other applications, so practically speaking each app needs to do its own synchronization.

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QuickLook: iCraig for iPhone

From Just Another Mobile Monday:

There’s an app for that. No really. There’s an app for that.

Apple loves to display the fact that there is a seemingly endless array of applications available for the iPhone and iPod Touch and the longer the devices are around it seems like the more applications we are getting. Now truth be told there’s a HUGE majority of them that are perfectly useless. You can find apps that fart, moan, or make an M60 machine gun sound pretty much by the thousands in the app store. However, not all apps are completely useless, some are even darned handy to have around and iCraig by SplashData is one of those apps that is going to see a lot of use on my iPhone.

Review also at Just Another iPhone Blog.

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SplashPhoto Mobile Albums for iPhone - Review

From What's on iPhone:

The iPhone app can synchronize with both Picasa and flickr. Since I use Picasa I set up synchronization with it and enabled both uploading and downloading. I loved how it quickly showed me the various web-albums I have available and gave me the option to download pictures individually or in batches.

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