Thursday, September 25, 2008

SplashMoney for iPhone review

SplashMoney is rock solid and the WiFi sync works perfectly.

If you want to track your spending on the run or simply catch up with your financial life whenever you have a minute regardless of where you are, SplashMoney is worth a look.

Full review.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

New York Times: Best in Productivity: SplashShopper

The price is a little steep, but if you are looking for a way to manage — and remember — all the things you need to buy, SplashShopper will quickly pay for itself in gas savings (no second trips to the store). You can create an unlimited number of shopping lists that are organized by different categories. For starters, the software gives you options like Books, Gifts, Groceries, Household, Movies, Music, Office Supplies, To-Dos, Travel and Wine. So the next time someone mentions a hot new indie band or a bargain chardonnay, whip out your iPhone and tap it in.

Full Article: Sampling the Best of the iPhone App Store’s Diversions

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

txtForward for BlackBerry review

For the BlackBerry users out in there in the audience, I’m sure you’ve been plagued with the disappearing messages because of the lack of available memory. Now, for email, this isn’t so much a problem as it’s most likely on your mail server, but for texts, those messages are gone, right? Wrong. Electric Pocket has an awesome new product for you to try out, and I swear by it.The concept is simple enough: If you receive a SMS (text) message, txtForward will automatically forward the message to an account of your choosing. A brilliant concept and does a very good job in executing it, with just a couple faults, yet nothing big enough to break the deal.

Read the full article.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ZDNet's video reviews of Electric Pocket's BlackBerry apps

I never thought too much about 3rd party application support for the BlackBerry, but I am finding there are actually lots of cool applications and utilities to let you do even more with the device. Three of the latest applications from Electric Pocket that I have had a few weeks to play with are Ringo, PhoneFace Speed Dialer, and Flipside.

See the video review here.

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Review: SplashShopper for BlackBerry

No more sorting through hand written lists or deciphering quick notes made in your native MemoPad. I can see this application to be a must have for those trying to shop with children. I love my son, but I pray that he doesn't become a grocery store gremlin we all occasionally see. The application is quite easy to use one handed (once you have entered all of the information you may need).

Full review is here.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PhoneFace on a Blackberry Bold

Watch this very quick and excellent tutorial on PhoneFace for BlackBerry.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Product Review: PhoneFace For Blackberry

If you own and use a Blackberry, then you have most likely downloaded and used FlipSide, the unmatched MP3 player for Blackberry that uses the CoverFlow styled UI. And if you aren't, what are you waiting for? Okay, now that you've downloaded that, I've got something else for you to check out.The same UI that powers FlipSide, that smooth CoverFlow whoosh that allows users to quickly fly through all of the albums, comes to your "Contacts" database with "PhoneFace" and it's really fun.

After downloading and installing, PhoneFace will ask you to set up your contacts. Setup is quick and easy as the app opens your Address Book for you to choose your contact. Of course you'll want to choose contacts that you have already associated a photo with. After you select your contact, PhoneFace places it with all the necessary information, I.E., all numbers and email addresses.

After you have placed all of the Photo Contacts you want, watch that cover flow whoosh effect happen as move to select, it's sweet.

When you find that contact you were looking for, select it, you'll notice the very nice graphics that appear with the contacts info. Selecting the the task you wish to perform, such as call, text, or email, will open that native default Blackberry program, or make the phone call.

PhoneFace is a really nice program, very stable and reliable. I have enjoyed using it for over two weeks now and find it to be a nice addition to my BB.

The review is here.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

SplashMoney for iPhone review

SplashMoney offers a nice user interface on the iPhone and desktop app alike, and the ability to sync online with your accounts is a really nice touch. The app is simple to use but offers up very powerful features that can please the novice and power-user alike.

Full review.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

SplashShopper for iPhone and iPod Touch

When SplashData informed SvenOnTech of the release of SplashShopper, it gave us a running start with it the day of the release. We’ve used it and abused it since. Like most of our reviews, we go the distance so we can sniff out the problems as well as highlight the greatness. Our time with SplashShopper allowed us to find many things that we feel will be helpful to our readers in making their decision in a list program.First, lets get the name out of the way. Yes, it helps you shop, but it’s actually so much more than that. It’s a powerful, very powerful, list program. Ranging from books, CDs, DVDs, checklists, to groceries, SplashShopper helps you keep it all listed and accounted for. Second, with the desktop version, you’ll be able to quickly edit, add, and maintain your lists all from the comfort of your desk.

I was very happy to find SplashData included fully populated lists. One such list, Travel Checklist, has a wealth of items that is going to be a major help on my next road trip. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I forget something. Add to the fact there is an emergency list as well as a heavily populated grocery list, and you’ll have little typing to do after installing SplashShopper for the iPhone.

SplashData did a great job with the interface. In fact, I prefer it over the desktop version.

Read the full review of SplashShopper.

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HanDBase 4.0 Review

I began using HanDBase way back in 2000 when I had a Handspring Visor Pro in my gleeful hands. I had been pretty amazed of a Palm device that could do more than just keep my appointments and contact information. I had started gathering applications for my device when I ran across HanDBase and got pretty excited that now I had an application that could keep records and generate lists for my own data and run on my little pocket device. I created one of the first applets in the Religion category that still exists in the DDH Software site. Since then I have created several personal applets to help me keep track of such things as a particular radio speakers audio mp3 collection, an encrypted database to keep track of all my software licenses and serial numbers and even a list which State quarters I currently have and need in my kid’s collection. Fast forward to today and I am happy to report that HanDBase is still around and still being actively updated by the folks at DDH Software. The application has kept its simplicity and ease of use while at the same time adding new features and capabilities.

Read the full HanDBase review.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

iPhone Gems: Every Personal Finance Application, Reviewed

SplashMoney ($10) by SplashData is the iPhone and iPod touch version of the popular financial software for desktop PCs, Palm OS, Pocket PC, and BlackBerry. Unlike many of the more simple finance applications covered in this article, SplashMoney aims to be something more akin to a desktop application, offering syncing, downloading of the user’s latest account information directly from his or her bank, and more.

Full article.

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Five ways the iPhone 3G still lags in enterprise

The lack of native encryption is the iPhone's "one failing", says Glenn Edens, an independent mobile consultant, who is otherwise bullish on the iPhone 3G. "Remote wipe helps but is not good enough."At least one ISV, SplashData, has already come up with a third-party encryption app.

Full article.

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If you are looking for a super, finger-friendly photo organizer, and I really mean organizer, you will want to consider SplashPhoto. It works on a wide array of platforms including Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry, but not iPhone.

It supports the most popular photo formats: JPG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP. The tree view allows you to order your photos into categories and subcategories. The properties system allows for sophisticated tagging and retrieval with searches.

Full article.

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iPhoniacs review of SplashShopper

Building on its success with Palm, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and other smart devices, SplashData brings SplashShopper to the iPhone, setting a new bar for list managing software. More than just a ToDo list, SplashShopper for the iPhone is a tailored listmaking experience and makes shopping less of a chore.

Review is here.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

LobsterTunes review

It should come as no surprise that the lobster is among the most musically inclined members of the animal kingdom. (Actually, that should come as a total surprise, since we totally made it up.)
Perhaps Electric Pocket knows something special about these marine crustaceans that made them name their mobile music streaming utility LobsterTunes. (Could it be a B52s reference?) This $19.95 utility, used in conjunction with media server software running on a PC, will let you stream your music collection to your Internet-connected Windows Mobile device.

We put LobsterTunes on a Vista Home Premium system and used the built-in Windows Media Player 11 as our media server, though LobsterTunes also claims compatibility with other media servers, like TVersity, that support DLNA and UPnP. The LobsterTunes install wizard also installed a mobile client on our T-Mobile Dash (running Windows Mobile 6), and detecting the lack of necessary media encoding software, downloaded and installed Windows Media Encoder 9 on our Vista PC. Before taking to the road with the Dash, we first had to configure WMP 11 to share media with our mobile device. LobsterTunes doesn't do this for you automatically, but it does step you through the process.

When we fired up LobsterTunes on the Dash from the Wi-Fi hotspot at our local Panera, the software took only about ten seconds to locate and connect to our media server back home, aided by a UPnP-compatible router that automatically opens the appropriate network ports.

Full review here.

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PhoneFace speed dialing for BlackBerry

Electric Pocket is introducing PhoneFace, a new application for BlackBerry which creates on touch speed dials for any of your contacts. Plus PhoneFace will sync with Facebook to scan through your friends pictures for one touch access to them.

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