Thursday, October 29, 2009

Comics by comiXology for iPhone review

From Macgasm:

I used to think of comics as something limited to printed paper. The iPhone has changed that mindset. Comics, a free app by comixology, lets you read dozens of free comics from the palm of your hand, with the option of buying a full-print version later. Some comics might cost something to view, but all the same, you might discover new comics you never heard of with their relatively comic-laden storefront.

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MailTones for BlackBerry Review

From PDA 24/7:

Email is at the heart of many people’s BlackBerry use, but it can be tiresome when you constantly pick up your device to find spam or emails that you don’t need to read yet. There is no way around this issue, or at least there wasn’t until now.

MailTones from Electric Pocket is a simple app which gets around the problem by allowing you to specify sounds dependant on who is emailing you.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Video review of MailTones for iPhone

From AppVee:

Mailtones is the answer to one of the most requested features as far as iPhone settings go. With the introduction of push notifications, apps now have the ability to send alerts and sounds. Developers saw an opportunity and created Mailtones, an app that gives you customization over the new mail notification sound on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The app works like a charm and is very simple to set up.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SplashID 5.1 for iPhone OS Review

From Smartphone Fanatics:

SplashData’s SplashID is an application that enabled you to securely record usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information in an encrypted database. SplashID works on the iPhone and iPod touch (OS 2.1 required, OS 3.0 is supported).

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Monday, October 26, 2009

File Magic for iPhone review

From Cool iPhone Apps Free to $5:

Nowadays, we are living in a world of massive information overload. We have reams of papers and important personal or business files on PC. Yet, it seems when we are away from home and urgently need these files, we obviously cannot access them. File Magic helps you neatly out of this dilemma by letting you upload the information you may need so that it is accessible on your device while you are on the go. It is similar to carrying a thumbdrive in your pocket, but without needing to clutter yourself with one extra item.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iSing: "American Idol Comes to iPhone"

From Cool iPhone Apps Free to $5:

Sadly, American Idol is not now in TV season. However, iSing has filled that gap by offering up aspiring singers who record their music on the iPhone and let YOU vote. Yes, it's American Idol come to the iPhone! To be a rising iSing star, simply sing into the iPhone for approx. 30 seconds, take a photo of yourself, type in a brief message and your song clip is entered into the virtual talent contest.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MailTones iPhone App Review

MailTones is an app for your iPhone that lets you associate email from different people with different tones.

Setup is easy if you already have a Gmail account. If not, set one up so that the forwarding fun can begin, as you have to have your email forwarded to the MailTones server in order to work. You really don’t need Gmail, but I suggest it because you can have all of your email accounts in one location, and then setup the forwarding from there.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

comiXology set FREE with Apple's new policy

From ZDNet:

ComiXology was one of the first developers to jump on the bandwagon and quickly changed the price of its Comics by comiXology app to free. The free version of Comics comes with over 60 quality free comics, with additional comics available for purchase.

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txtForward: SMS to Email Forwarding

From CrackBerry:

This may not be the case for everybody but for me, I used to rarely use SMS to communicate. There has only been a slight increase of SMS activity on my BlackBerry smartphone. What’s the reason? There isn’t actually any real reason that I can think of. Most of my wireless communication typically happens via email, phone calls, BlackBerry Messenger or through third party apps. After thinking about it, I may not use SMS that often due to the fact that once it’s deleted, it’s gone. Unless I choose to delete an email from my mailbox and handheld, I will still have the message backed up somewhere. If I’m at work, I’m usually managing my email and such from my desktop. Some departments in my company are actually banning cellphones, due to SMS abuse. Tsk tsk fellow employees - even without your BlackBerry on your desks, you can still use txtForward.

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MailTones for iPhone

From Cool iPhone Apps Free to $5:

I had just been talking to a buddy the other day wherein we were wishing there was some way in which we could differentiate the sound of e-mail from various senders, sort of like different ring tones on your phone. MailTones does exactly this! It helps you sort through your e-mail clutter so that you are alerted only by mail from those whom you want.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

BugMe! for BlackBerry

From BBGeeks:

Why would you pay for an application that does something that your BlackBerry can already do natively? I ask this question all the time, and even ripped paid apps that do this. So when I got an email from Electric Pocket about an application called BugMe!, I brushed it off. After all, my BlackBerry already has a note taker, an alarm system, and a task list app. Why would I want to pay even $3 for an application that just duplicates these? The answer is that I wouldn’t. BugMe!, however, takes these apps a step further. After playing with it for a bit, I wish that RIM would dump its current tasks and memo apps and replace them with BugMe!.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

BugMe! – Promises Quicker Reminders, Alarms, & Notes

From BerryReview:

Personally I have never really had a problem setting up a quick alarm or note but I guess I don’t do it that often. BugMe is the latest creation from Electric Pocket and it promises to speed up the process. The idea is that you can easily jot alarms, reminders, notes, and more in one app and manage them that way. RIM has been needing to overhaul the notes, tasks, and alarm application in the BlackBerry for awhile now so this might be a good stopgap solution.

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BugMe! for BlackBerry keeps your life in line

From Pocketberry:

One of the funnest mobile applications to own is definitely BugMe! for BlackBerry. As fun and entertaining as it may seem, it can seem to become quite essential in your life. Basically what this application does is create notes and set reminder alarms to keep everything organized and on time. Look at it as your personal assistant right on your BlackBerry smartphone. When something is scheduled to happen, BugMe! will sound a loud alarm (customizable by the user) and pop-up to alert you. BugMe! is recognized as the number one note-taking app that works with alarm technology. As they are in their 12th year in the making, their app continues to grow and better for your benefit.

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BugMe! for BlackBerry Review

From PDA 247:

BugMe! has long been a staple factor of many Palm OS and Windows Mobile smartphones and has now made its way to the BlackBerry platform. It is naturally a different beast to that seen on touch screen devices, but that should not necessarily be seen as a bad thing. The BlackBerry platform is dominated by simple usability and this is why some of us prefer it for organisation, and BugMe! has jumped onboard and fitted in quite nicely.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

ComiXology iPhone App

From Monkey On My Back:

Comics have seen platinum, golden, silver and bonze ages, are we about to herald in the dawn of digital age comics? If we are to believe the hype surrounding digital comics the answer to that questions is yes! ComiXology (an iphone app) is ahead of the pack in this Digital Age of comics.

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MailTones for iPhone – Set Custom Email Tones for Friends, Subjects, Domains

From Just Another iPhone Blog:

Tired of boring beep when new email arrives? MailTones lets you pick a fresh new email sound, and set custom email tones for different friends, subjects, and email domains.

Now there’s something that lots of iPhone users have been wanting for a long, long time. I was very happy to get an offer from the folks at Electric Pocket to take a look at this app – and I haven’t been disappointed.

MailTones lets you do all of the above and a bit more. I’ve been testing it out just quickly this afternoon and it works well and just as advertised.

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Electric Pocket brings BugMe! to the BlackBerry

From ZDNet:

One of my favorite applications from way back when I had Palm OS devices was BugMe! This application allowed me to capture handwritten notes and set custom alarms. Today, we see that Electric Pocket released a version of BugMe! for BlackBerry devices and brings that same functionality we saw over 10 years ago, along with improvements reflecting today’s technology.

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Now what was it I had to do? Review: BugMe! for BlackBerry Phones

From GearDiary:

My wife will tell you that I forget absolutely everything! But she’s my wife so she’s allowed to exaggerate, and the truth is I do forget stuff…as I am sure many of you do too! I have gotten a little better now that I have my BlackBerry and the calendar and Notes apps, but creating calendars is very tedious and the notes don’t alert me. So what do I do now…BugMe! That’s what.

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