Monday, December 19, 2011

Become a Video Star!

From Apps for iPads:

Remember lip syncing to your favorite MTV video? How about singing along to your radio with the aid of a brush? Yes? No? You mean I am the only person here that did that? Oh, you STILL do that? LOL, well then you really need to check out the Video Star app for iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch! I, for one, know of more than one tweener that is going to LOVE this app!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fetch 5.7 FTP client for OS X review

From Appletell:

A full-featured Mac-only file transfer (FTP) client with a clean, simple, easy-to-use interface, Fetch supports both FTP and SFTP, the Internet's most file transfer protocols on the Internet. Rock-solid reliability has always been a Fetch characteristic. I've been using Fetch for years and have never encountered any bugginess or instability. It just works.


Friday, December 09, 2011

OfficeTime is complete time management and billing solution

From MacNews:

They say time is money, and, well, it is. When you bill your time, it is money -- and when you fail to bill properly it’s money down the drain. For others, there may not be a one-to-one translation between time and money, but knowing where your time is going and what you are doing is important. Productivity experts always say: know where you time is going. Office Time lets you do that and much more.


Today On Festivus: Magellan RoadMate, PhatPad, Flick Golf, And AirAttack HD

From AppAdvice:

PhatWare’s handwriting recognition technology is some of the best in the business and, of course, that’s what powers PhatPad, their beast of a note-taking app. PhatPad allows you to finally leave your ragged notebooks behind and bring nothing but your iPad with you to work or class. You can write and draw with the tip of your finger right on the screen, and PhatPad will quickly turn your scribbles into digital text and perfect geometrical shapes. PhatPad can even perform other helpful tasks like turning your TV into a secondary display and taking voice notes.

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Compass Eye: I’m Sailing Away

From Gizmodo:

An augmented reality app that's actually useful is a rare find. Compass Eye produces a real time compass that's overlaid on top of the iPhones camera view. Sailors can set multiple bearings and switch between magnetic north and true north.

The app is marketed specifically for sailing, but it can be used for hiking, biking, really anything where you need to set a specific bearing. The app's compass works way better than the iOS default compass and I don't have to wave my iPhone in the air every time I launch the app. The app also features a camera zoom.

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WHY iDownloader Pro?

From Apps for iPads:

Why buy a multitude of apps when iDownloader Pro does it all in one neat package? If you are looking for a simple, easy way to download just about anything from the Internet onto your iOS devices than you need to add iDownloader Pro to your iPad today! ALSO remember, this is a universal app, so you only buy it once and use it on ALL your iOS devices!

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