Thursday, December 18, 2008

FlipSide for Windows Mobile

From AppScout:

Electric Pocket, a mobile developer, announced that their FlipSide MP3 player app is now available for Windows Mobile cell phones.

FlipSide first rose to prominence on the BlackBerry platform, where it let users scroll through album covers using the handset's navigation controls. The Windows Mobile version takes it one step further, letting users flick through their music collections with an iPhone-like finger swipe (if your WM handset has a touchscreen). The space bar, meanwhile, can start, pause, or skip songs.

The company said that as with other versions, FlipSide for Windows Mobile downloads and displays each album's cover art, and links to FlipSide Extras for artist bios and recommendations. The app plays music stored on memory cards in both MP3 and WMA formats. It costs $19.95; a free trial is available at

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