Monday, December 29, 2008

HanDBase for BlackBerry Review

From Between Realities:

I am the type of phone user that likes to have it easy. There's nothing really complex about it; no insane formula that governs it. I simply like to have as much as I can on the least number of devices. Convergence is key.

It's the reason that I, the most loyal of Palm guys, migrated to BlackBerry. I am a ministry guy, and everything on my device needs to assist me in that pursuit.The biggest drawback for me as a new BB user was the relative dearth of the third party applications that made life with Palm a breeze. In recent years, the gap is closing; one application that helps shrink this gap significantly is HanDBase Professional for BlackBerry by DDH Software.

I originally had this on my Palm OS device, and it was my most used non-scriptual application. Simply put, it is an all-round database solution with an amazing penchant for flexibility.

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