Monday, December 08, 2008

Ringo for BlackBerry review

From Palm Addicts:

I love it when I can tell if a call is really important or one I can just dump to voicemail. It's the hallmark of modern communications. If I'm busy with a customer, if I know it's my wife, I can dump to VM easily.

I'm suprised that my new Blackberry Bold doesn't do it automatically. Every BlackBerry has options to change tones for in and out of the holster, but not any way to assign separate ringtones for contacts. Then I remembered that Ringo on my Epix has a cousin for Blackberry OS.

I grabbed a copy for BB last night and got it installed. I changed the BB profile to OFF, then activated Ringo. After getting the custom tones for my wife, boss, and co-workers set up, whenever any one of them call, I get different tones, so I know when to dump the call now. Now my Blackberry Bold is a real communications device, by telling me when and WHEN NOT to communicate.

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