Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ringo Pro Android App Review

From Android-Apps.com:

Key feature of Ringo Pro is of course the functionality to assign ringtones to your contacts individually. You can use any MP3 as a ringtone as well as set individual tones for each of your contact and groups. The app has a good number of preloaded ringtones. And you can also use music files that you have on your Android phone’s music library. The app will fire up any file manager that you have installed on your phone to help you select music tracks on your phone.

For notifications, Ringo Pro will power up your SMS notifications by letting you set different tone for each contact’s messages and control LED color, pop-up notification and more.

And just recently, Ringo Pro was updated to include a nice notification feature. Aside from assigning personalize ringtones for each person in your contacts, the app also alerts you of incoming messages or calls by speaking the callers or texters. If you’re on the go, either driving or doing something else, this is a very nice feature.

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