Thursday, December 30, 2010

Appletell reviews SplashID KeySafe USB drive

From Appletell:

The SplashID Key Safe is a handy tool if you find yourself using a lot of different computers with which you need to share passwords. It’s a USB drive (2 GB) with software to store and generate passwords, as part of a database that stores other information, too.
The SplashID software takes up a tiny amount of the 2GB. After you create a Master ID (and password), it presents you with a simple database program for storing all your personal information. Web log-ins, sure, but also insurance info, emergency contacts, birthdays, clothes sizes, really anything you want. Beyond the basic fields for URLs and, of course, passwords, there are predesignated and blanks fields allowing you to store info like your car’s VIN and license plate number, along with your insurance log-in or what your spouse has hinted she might like for her birthday. You can also attach a file (like a PDF or image) to the record.

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