Monday, December 27, 2010

Review: Ringtone Remix for BlackBerry

From CrackBerry:

Some BlackBerry users take a lot of pride in personalization of their smart phones. This covers everything from wallpapers to home screen management to ringtones. Ah, those ringtones – the window into our true character. Tired is the cliché of the interaction between the boss and their employee; where the employee’s phone rings and the tune is…less than appropriate. We can’t help it. We hear a song – we love a song, we want that song as our ringtone. Creating the perfect ringtone from the perfect song isn’t so perfectly easy for everyone to do. Think about it, how often do you search for a ringtone already made for you?

Ringtone Remix puts the power back in your hands. You decide what you want your BlackBerry to blare. The application makes it easy to take your favourite song, select a portion of it and make it into a ringtone – all from your BlackBerry. Admit it or not, there’s a slight sense of disappointment when you have your favourite song as a ringtone, but not your favourite part of the song. Ringtone Remix helps you express who you are – the way you want to.

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