Thursday, December 09, 2010

GizmoFusion reviews iStoryApps Interactive iPad Stories for Children

From GizmoFusion:

Review of Chico to the Rescue - Another fantastic iStoryApp created by Apps of All Nations. This is such a great story, and the concept is amazing. If you have kids who love to read stories and are fascinated by your iPad, this is definitely for you! Instead of telling them that they can’t touch your iPad, why not have some together time using your iPad. It will hold their interest, and they will beg you to read the story over and over again!

Review of  Dog Detectives - Let me start off this “review” by saying that this is an amazing app, and it is definitely worth spending the $3.99 on this book. The music that goes along with the book is catchy and will have you tapping your toes from the minute you hear it. Each page of the story is filled with interactions, and the story itself is well written and original. As a future Early Childhood teacher, I love everything about this app. From the illustrations, to the story, and right down to the music.

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