Thursday, September 16, 2010

HanDBase for BlackBerry

From Berryfication:

HanDBase by DDH Software is one of the best pocket database applications on the market today. It’s been on Palms for some time and now it’s even on your BlackBerry Smartphone! It’s such an awesome power to be able and create my own custom database records for inventory, sorting, and keeping tabs on my favorite collectibles, hobbies and more!
Yes HanDBase is even able to sync from one device to another. Such as your Bold 9700 to Windows Vista and back to your 9700 again. This application is one that I’ve used since the days of Palm. And really this type of app is what lead & submerged me into the mobile phone industry today.
Most people who require this type of product tracking will welcome DDH Software with inviting arms.

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