Monday, September 27, 2010

BookLover - great app for bibliophiles

From Cool iPhone Apps: can avoid all that old-fashioned manual typing if you just use the automatic barcode scanner denoted by a down arrow at the bottom right of your opening screen! Wow..this method is so quick and accurate, brings up the exact book you hold in your hands and places it neatly on your wood bookshelf, after you have saved it! I'm impressed with BookLover because not only is that a neat trick, but it has saved me a bunch of time in manual input.

I am awarding it the Truly Cool Seal of Approval because the app is comprehensive, well crafted, attractive and easy to navigate. Bibliophiles, do not go without this handy app to sort out all the books you have read, are reading or plan to enjoy at a later date. BookLover is a top-notch database, iPhone Books app.

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