Friday, September 10, 2010

Is the iOS SDK Killing Creativity?

From MacLife:

Multiple members of the Talon client family were featured in this article...

Haupert’s company is releasing an Android app, but will continue to develop for Apple. “While I disagree with some of the core philosophies, it's still an incredible platform and a good market opportunity,” he says. “Often, when people complain about the limitations, other people will respond with a 'then don't develop for it,' or 'buy an Android phone if you don't like it.' What I think is being missed is that this incredible platform--and devices--are a leap in technology and possibilities for us; that even with the limitations, [it's] still a platform of choice for many. But that doesn't mean that we don't see the lost potential to go from a great phone platform to a near-perfect one.”

“If you plan to sell your app to millions, you must be super cautious about what you do. Apple's SDK Agreement is reasonable. I don't see anything in there that really limits us doing what we want do,” Selukoff remarked in an email.

Selukoff added that he “can't imagine Apple pulling a normal legitimate app that doesn't do anything wrong” from the App Store and said that Apple behaved beautifully when dealing with his own company’s violation of the TOS.

Justin Cepelak, VP of SplashData, echoed Selukoff’s comments, saying that while Apple “definitely has some UI recommendations that are not always ideal, [they have] softened on some of those points over time. For the most part, the restrictions are trying to keep out annoying things like software that breaks when you upgrade your OS.” 

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