Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review of Nag One-Tap Alarm for iPhone

From Cool iPhone Apps:

How many times have you been working on the computer, reading or even snoozing and your child or significant other calls for you to take care of an urgent matter. Okay, let's not even examine the meaning of "urgent" here! Nonetheless, you just can't drop what you are doing and hoof it over there-you really need a few extra minutes to finish what your own task. In that case, you would definitely be wise to use a reliable, super quick alarm system to warn you when your allotted minutes are up. That's exactly what Nag-One Tap Alarm does for you! In fact, just one single tap of your Nag sets off an alarm that will in no uncertain terms tell you that your brief respite is up, and it's time to get moving! It makes no difference if your device is using another app at the time because Nag is always working to nag you in the background!

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