Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review: File Magic for iPhone and iPod touch


In my tests I dragged over a bunch of videos, photos, MP3s, Word Docs, PDFs and even some text docs. One of the most impressive things was dragging an entire event from iPhoto to the File Magic interface on my desktop. Within seconds it synced all of the photos to my iPhone and they were immediately viewable in the File Magic application. This was a nice alternative to having to select the Event in iPhoto and then sync the iPhone just to get some pictures over.

My favorite part of File Magic, though, is the way it handles video. I’ve had more than my share of issues getting videos over to my iPhone, especially home-made ones. In the case of File Magic, I shot videos of my kids with the Flip MinoHD, opened them in QuickTime, saved them for iPhone, and then dragged them to File Magic. I then was able to show my newly created videos to a bunch of family and friends and all without having to go through the process of syncing my iPhone again.

I recently purchased an iPhone for my wife and the latest version of File Magic now allows two iPhones to sync files back and forth. You can bet that my wife will want the videos of our kids in action and it will be great to just put the two iPhones together to get the files form one iPhone to the other.

If you have an iPhone this is definitely a must-have application, especially since you can not only transfer files from one iPhone to the other, but can also use File Magic to bring a file from one computer to another (and even from PC to Mac) via the iPhone.

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