Thursday, March 05, 2009

WSJ: Barnes & Noble Buys Fictionwise

From Wall Street Journal:

Barnes & Noble Inc. (BKS) acquired Fictionwise, a leading retailer of electronic books, and said it will launch a new e-bookstore this year, as the e- book market heats up.

The purchase, for $15.7 million, comes only a few days after Inc. ( AMZN), the country's largest online bookseller, said it is making its Kindle e- books available for reading on Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

"We bought Fictionwise because we like how they've approached the digital and e-book markets," said William Lynch Jr., president and chief operating officer of Barnes& "They have one of the most popular applications on the iPhone, and they really understand merchandising. They also have a lot of institutional knowledge about this space."

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