Monday, March 02, 2009

Ringo Adds the Right Tunes to Your Tones

From PalmAddicts:

Looking for a bit of fun without the heavy hit to the wallet? Then Ringo from is for you. Ringo is a small, easy to use program that uses any MP3 file as a ring tone or an SMS alert. Better yet, Ringo allows the owner to use custom ring tones or SMS alerts for any person in the contacts list OR even a whole category of people. Getting calls from swabbies from the local naval base? Make a category that plays Popeye the Sailor Man. Your university-aged kids are calling, again. You know why. So make their ring tone the intro to Abba’s Money Money. Mother-in-law? Theme from Friday the 13th. (For those with a great in-law like mine, try Handel’s Hallelujah chorus). Personally, I was able to switch from a less exciting MIDI file of Phantom of the Opera as the default tone to the real deal from the movie - a full orchestra cut from the opening scenes. Those with good MIDI files still can use them via Ringo so no loss here.

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