Monday, March 02, 2009

SplashShopper review

From PalmAddicts:

SplashShopper is a shopping list manager that's available for PalmOS, Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, and MacOSX. If you haven't tried out a shopping list on your smartphone, why not?! There just isn't a better, more convenient place to put your shopping list, and with SplashShopper available for so many platforms, you've just run out of excuses. Go grab the 30-day trial, then come back and finish my review.SplashShopper is a one-stop-shop for all your list making needs. To get you started, SplashData has included a handful of example lists ranging from Books, Movies, and Music to the all-important Groceries. They've even populated these example lists with a number of items to get you started, which is especially helpful with a grocery list. Now, anyone who's been reading my PalmAddict posts long enough probably knows how much I like making lists. Natara Bonsai is pretty much my favorite piece of software. But for handling shopping lists, you go to a dedicated shopping list app. And, remarkably, SplashShopper has more features than this compulsive list-maker can use.Each item in your list can contain a name, a store, a category, two custom fields (for groceries, Splashdata has suggested a description and an aisle), a quantity and unit of measure, a price and a note. Considering the number of fields in this database, Splashdata has wisely incorporated both an auto-fill feature, and a customizable fly-down list for each field. Despite this complexity, adding new items to your grocery list is pretty quick and easy. If you are an even more compulsive person than I am (astounding, really, but possible), you might actually track the price and aisle information of every item on your shopping list. By doing so, SplashShopper can give you a quick total cost estimate, or even organize your list by aisle, so you can shop more efficiently. That greatly exceeds my needs, but it's terrific to see that sort of attention to detail.

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