Monday, January 05, 2009

Quick Review: FlipSide for BlackBerry

From PDA-247:

Devices like the BlackBerry Bold and Storm have incredibly good audio quality, but the built-in music software is nothing more than a list of the albums and songs you have installed. It works quite efficiently with the trackball, but could do with some sprucing up when you compare it to the iPhone etc.

FlipSide from ElectricPocket does the ‘sprucing up’ for BlackBerry owners and provides a rich experience that takes searching through large amounts of music and gathering extra information to a new and surprisingly gratifying level. I have many, many albums loaded on my Bold and a quick experiment of attempting to download album art proved very successful. Of over 100 albums, only 4 could not be found and many of my albums are what you may call slightly obscure. When you click on an album cover the tracks contained within are listed, and you then scroll through them to choose the one you wish to play. I tried to do a screenshot of the track listing, but snapscreen just removed the listing before the shot was taken?

Choosing FlipSide Extras from the menu will take you to a page at detailing release information and recommendations for similar music. This appears to then link to Wikipedia for further information and the whole process works very well indeed.

FlipSide does not change the way the music sounds and is in practice no quicker than the built-in music software, but it changes the ‘experience’ of playing music on a mobile device and is now my preferred method of mobile music management. It is good value for $19.95 and adds a touch of class to any business orientated BlackBerry. Also available for Windows Mobile devices.

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