Monday, January 05, 2009

SplashWallet bundle works for securing your "mind"

From PalmAddicts:

Everyone I know will describe me as a genius when it comes to remembering technical data or procedures, but when I try to manage money or passwords, I become a deer in headlights. About a year ago, I got SplashID for my Palm to store my passwords and keys for work and home, and I don't load up a smartphone without it.

About a month ago, I received a BlackBerry Bold from my employer (lucky me, I know), and I began to understand what all the Crackberry addicts love about it, but something just kept bugging me about the built in password manager. It wasn't near as robust as SplashID, so I went to upgrade to SplashID for Blackberry.

When I got to the site, something told me to take a peek at the other software in the SplashWallet Suite that they offer. I wanted to get SplashMoney anyway, so for the price of 2, I got 4 pieces of software!

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