Monday, January 05, 2009

Celebrating the New Year with Prizes Galore

From CrackBerry:

To help get 2009 off to a good start, one of our favorite BlackBerry software developers, Electric Pocket, is offering CrackBerry members a chance to win one of their best selling apps:

FlipSide - MP3 player that enables you to swoosh through the album covers of your tune collection
PhoneFace speed dialer - flip through pics of your most-called friends and family to launch a call or text message
Ringo - manage your ringtones (assign tones to individual callers or groups of callers) and turn your favorite MP3s into ringtones
txtForward - automatically forward your text messages to any email address

From Berry Review:

Happy New Year! Have you made your New Year Resolutions yet? We at BerryReview want to help you welcome 2009 with a great giveaway from Electric Pocket, the developer of some of the best and most popular BlackBerry apps.

Tell us how you are going to use your BlackBerry to keep your New Year Resolutions in the comments and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of the four Electric Pocket applications listed below...

From BlackBerrySync:

Can you believe its 2009? Well just like last year we’re holding our Ringing in the New Year BlackBerry Sync Style Contest. The nice folks from Electric Pocket and SplashData are giving us free BlackBerry apps to giveaway! We have a total of 21 BlackBerry apps to giveaway. Three copies of each: Flipside, Ringo, PhoneFace, txtForward, SplashID, SplashShopper, and SplashMoney.

From PinStack:

Thanks to Electric Pocket, SplashData and DDH Software, we are giving away 24 software applications for your Smartphone! This contest is open to all BlackBerry, iPhone, WM and Palm users!

From MiBlackBerry:

La gente de ElectricPocket, SplashData y DDH Software nos quiere ayudar en contestar la pregunta de ser más eficiente y productivo con nuestro dispositivo BlackBerry y antes de finalizar el año regalamos 2 licencias de cada unos de los siguientes productos de software, todos ellos líderes en sus categorías...

From BlackBerryRocks:

I recently posted a review for FlipSide, one of my favorite MP3 players. I also have a review for txtForward and PhoneFace Speed-dial. These BlackBerry applications (as well as Ringo Ringtone Manager) are products of Electric Pocket, a Welsh company that has emerged as one of the top developers of BlackBerry software after a decade of creating very successful apps for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices.

Electric Pocket is donating copies of their top-sellers as prizes. Leave a comment below about how you’ll use your BlackBerry to keep your New Years resolutions and you’re automatically entered to win a very cool prize from Electric Pocket!

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