Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SplashShopper Review

From PalmAddicts:

SplashShopper provides a clean interface of an extremely useful data manager. The roots are obviously a glorified grocery shopping list, but the possibilities are really quite diverse given the great way in which the program is laid out. Need to organize a library (eg: books, magazines,, etc., those things you hold in your hand, curl the edges of the pages, write in the margins, etc.), SplashShoppper has a way to do it.

Trying to single-handedly break the recession by going on a shopping spree to end all shopping sprees, but still want the best price? This software helps you to organize what you saw, where, at which price. Doesn’t have to clothes and shoes; it could be software and gadgets on main street or the ‘net. Decided to move up from Bacardi Breezers to bottles of wine which have a label that don’t attract the local winos to your side? This software can help you remember the name, vintage, price, place of purchase, etc.

The programmers had a bit of fun as well by including a wide choice of icons to show which things on the “All” list have been chosen to go on the “Need” list. Nine possible columns of information can be seen, and the user can choose to sort the list you’ve created by whichever column you’d like. Probably you’d only show three or four at a time, but that still gives a great deal of flexibility. Preplanned categories of lists include Books, Chinese Food, Clothes, Gifts, Groceries, Movies, Music, Travel Checklist, and Wine.

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