Friday, September 12, 2008

Product Review: PhoneFace For Blackberry

If you own and use a Blackberry, then you have most likely downloaded and used FlipSide, the unmatched MP3 player for Blackberry that uses the CoverFlow styled UI. And if you aren't, what are you waiting for? Okay, now that you've downloaded that, I've got something else for you to check out.The same UI that powers FlipSide, that smooth CoverFlow whoosh that allows users to quickly fly through all of the albums, comes to your "Contacts" database with "PhoneFace" and it's really fun.

After downloading and installing, PhoneFace will ask you to set up your contacts. Setup is quick and easy as the app opens your Address Book for you to choose your contact. Of course you'll want to choose contacts that you have already associated a photo with. After you select your contact, PhoneFace places it with all the necessary information, I.E., all numbers and email addresses.

After you have placed all of the Photo Contacts you want, watch that cover flow whoosh effect happen as move to select, it's sweet.

When you find that contact you were looking for, select it, you'll notice the very nice graphics that appear with the contacts info. Selecting the the task you wish to perform, such as call, text, or email, will open that native default Blackberry program, or make the phone call.

PhoneFace is a really nice program, very stable and reliable. I have enjoyed using it for over two weeks now and find it to be a nice addition to my BB.

The review is here.

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