Saturday, September 06, 2008

HanDBase 4.0 Review

I began using HanDBase way back in 2000 when I had a Handspring Visor Pro in my gleeful hands. I had been pretty amazed of a Palm device that could do more than just keep my appointments and contact information. I had started gathering applications for my device when I ran across HanDBase and got pretty excited that now I had an application that could keep records and generate lists for my own data and run on my little pocket device. I created one of the first applets in the Religion category that still exists in the DDH Software site. Since then I have created several personal applets to help me keep track of such things as a particular radio speakers audio mp3 collection, an encrypted database to keep track of all my software licenses and serial numbers and even a list which State quarters I currently have and need in my kid’s collection. Fast forward to today and I am happy to report that HanDBase is still around and still being actively updated by the folks at DDH Software. The application has kept its simplicity and ease of use while at the same time adding new features and capabilities.

Read the full HanDBase review.

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