Tuesday, August 05, 2008

PhatNotes review

When you think about it, PhatNotes is not just a note taking option though it does a great job of it. It’s just as great, if not better, at organizing and helping you find them later. If you’re one of those who never liked having too many notes because of the problem of finding them later on (and I know how this feels because it was one of the reasons I stopped using Notes too), then PhatNotes is something you definitely you want to look into. No matter how many hundreds or thousands of notes you may have, as long as you categorize and color-code them properly, you encounter very little trouble finding the note you seek.

So if you’re interested about taking notes with your Pocket PC, PhatNotes by PhatWare is one best software you should put on your shopping list.

Full review at MyTodayScreen.

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