Friday, February 12, 2010

PhatNotes iPhone App - Now On iPhone, Pretty Freakin' Cool!

From CrazyMikesApps:

The iPhone app allows you to store thousands of notes, organize them in folders and you can search for them based on several criteria. Some cool functionality is the ability to input with your finger through writing (super cool) and where you get the term “PhatNote.” There is also the ability to email directly from a note, using a contact from your contact book as opposed to having to research an email address. This is especially handy while on the go and in need of getting a note to someone ASAP. The big add by purchasing the desktop software is the ability to sync your iPhone PhatNotes with your PC PhatNotes.

Also from

The Phatnotes is a very resourceful app. The version 1.4 brings with it more colors, more unique icons and many other features. You can now easily make notes through the handwriting recognizer, which is quite fun to play with.

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